Headhunting is used for finding senior level talent who possess a unique or hard-to-find skillset

Our headhunting services help clients identify and engage outstanding talent, who well established in their careers and mostly not active in looking for new opportunities.  These individuals are usually a scarce resource such as senior technical positions, specialists, and senior executive positions. Fischer & Partners will, in conjunction with our client, produce a list of targeted types of companies to search within and then headhunt these talents within those companies. The highest level of confidentiality will be used to ensure our client’s identity remains unknown. 


Headhunting is most effective when there are only a few candidates in a market with the acquired experience to perform a task. Fischer & Partners will recommend the most appropriate recruitment method for clients when engaging in discussions when a mandate brief is clarified.  We will recommend a variety of different recruitment strategies to ensure a wide canvassing of potential candidates are sourced and your business needs are met.