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  • Be it curiosity or preparing for an upcoming interview: More and more people are taking an IQ test to test their cognitive skills. If you have a high IQ, you can go far in your job, gain a reputation, and have a good life - that's the assumption. What is a high IQ? Will people who are on average intelligent fail to succeed?

  • Are you at the ceiling of your position, and do you aspire to a leading IT role? Do you want to determine the course of the IT department, and do you have strategic insight? Are you curious about what the career move towards IT Manager can mean for you?

  • There are good and bad days in every job. It's just part of working life. It always becomes problematic when the second condition becomes chronic. When you wake up in the morning and hope that the week will soon pass; if you would prefer to quit the job, if frustration prevails instead of lust and the desire to change careers and grows.

  • When you started your finance studies, you were among the students who enthusiastically raised his hand when the professor asked the question: "who wants to become a CFO?" You were probably one of many. Many financials have the ambition to become CFO (Chief Financial Officer) before their thirtieth birthday. You were starting as a starter in the assistant controller position, acting as a business controller within a few years, and then making the sought-after promotion to CFO. However, getting a position as CFO is no small feat! We do not promise you cows with golden horns, but five handles to grab the cow by the horns and realize your dream of becoming a CFO.

  • Financials were rarely sought after. Everyone seems to be looking for them, and they have the jobs to choose from. Although the demand for all types of finance functions has risen sharply in recent years, you hear one term strikingly often: controllers. It is often wrongly thought that a business controller is a step up the career ladder for a financial controller when it concerns two entirely different functions. What exactly is the difference between a financial controller and a business controller? And what is expected in both roles?

  • There has been a total lockdown in Thailand & Indonesia since mid-March. Many employees at different companies work from home. It looks like the lockdown will take a while. Companies that first postponed the introductory interviews due to the lack of physical contact with the candidate during the interview are increasingly switching to conducting online job interviews.

  • ภัยคุกคามที่กำลังพัฒนาของการระบาดใหญ่ของโคโรนาไวรัส (COVID-19) กำลังส่งผลกระทบต่อธุรกิจทั่วโลกอยู่แล้ว การสูญเสียรายได้ที่สำคัญอาจทำให้เกิดการปลดพนักงานและแม้แต่การปิดกิจการ ที่สำคัญที่สุดธุรกิจจำเป็นต้องวางแผนการระบาดใหญ่เพื่อให้มั่นใจว่าผลิตภัณฑ์และบริการจะมีความต่อเนื่อง

  • The world holds its breath due to the Corona crisis. It is not just Thailand that has hit hard. The economy is slowing down. Public life is stagnating in-home office and quarantine. But how long are we going to last? How long can a state or society afford such a shutdown? Sure, many of the measures taken are sensible, and save lives. But it is also clear that things cannot go on forever. We will soon have to get back to normal. But what does this new normal look like? 

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