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IQ Test: How Do You Find Out Your IQ?

IQ Test - How do you find out your IQ?

Be it curiosity or preparing for an upcoming interview: More and more people are taking an IQ test to test their cognitive skills. If you have a high IQ, you can go far in your job, gain a reputation, and have a good life - that's the assumption. What is a high IQ? Will people who are on average intelligent fail to succeed? There is a lot of debate as to whether an IQ test is significant or is ultimately only an unimportant number. You can find out what you need to know about the IQ test and try out your intellectual skills with our free IQ test exercises ...


Free IQ test (with evaluation)


Many IQ tests are pervasive and take a lot of time to process. This can be necessary for a very detailed and precise analysis, but it is just as appealing to solve different IQ tests tasks and see how far your skills go.


For this reason, we have put together 20 questions, puzzles, and tasks for you below, which you can use to test yourself or be used as an exercise for an IQ test.


Imagine a stopwatch to control yourself. Try to complete the IQ test questions in no more than 10 minutes. Since some of the questions can be answered quite quickly, this should be feasible. If you are looking for a more significant challenge, you can also reduce the time and try to solve the tasks in just 5 or 6 minutes. The answers and resolutions are given below.


1. What number continues?

Take a close look at the following series of numbers. Your task is to add the missing number to continue the series. If necessary, you can use a calculator.


5 - 25 - 7 - 49 - 31 -?


2. How do you weigh?

They have a total of 9 balls that look entirely identical and have the same size, and a classic scale with 2 weighing pans. One of the balls is more substantial than the other eight. How do you determine which of the balls is the heaviest if you are only allowed to weigh twice?


3. Who is it?

A man who has no brother or sister looks at a family picture. He thinks: The father of the person pictured is my father's son. Who is he looking at in the picture?


4. How much does it cost?

You go to the supermarket and buy exactly 2 products. Yogurt and an apple. Together they both cost 1.10 dollars. The apple costs 1 dollar more than the yogurt. How much does yogurt cost?


5. Who is the youngest?

Sascha is older than Lilli, and Nid is older than Iris. Sascha and Iris are the same age. Who is the youngest?


6. How long does it take?

Weeds grow in large quantities in an unused field. Weeds double every day, and weeds cover the entire area within 26 days. How long does it take for the weed to cover half of the field?


7. What is true?

Two statements are considered true::


  • All birds have wings.

  • All wings are made of feathers.


Which of the answer options is a logical conclusion from the above statements?


A) All birds can fly.

B) If birds can fly, they need their wings.

C) All birds have feathers.

D) Some birds have no wings.

E) If a bird has feathers, it can fly.


8. How old am I?

You meet a girl, and you have to guess how old she is. As a tip, you will receive a riddle, the solution of which will lead you to the answer: in 15 years I will be 4 times as old as 3 years ago. How old is the girl?


9. Which switch fits which lamp?

You are in a room with 3 light switches belonging to 3 lamps located in the adjoining room. You cannot see the lamps and their light from your room. You can only enter the next room with the lamps once - how do you find out which switch belongs to which lamp? You have to assign all 3 correctly!


10. How much to drink?

They have a wine cellar with a total of 200 bottles. 99 percent of all bottles are red wine, and the rest is white wine. How many bottles do you have to drink to reduce the red wine content to 98 percent?


11. Which day is it?

Which day is the day after tomorrow if the day before yesterday was the day after Tuesday?


12. What is the rule?

Take a look at the following series of numbers from numbers 1 to 9:  8 - 3 - 1 - 5 - 9 - 6 - 7 - 4 - 2 These are not random but arranged according to a clear rule. What is the rule?


13. What does the number series look like?

You should set up a series of numbers yourself: the first number is 4, each further number in the sequence is exactly one greater than half of the next number.

The result is a sequence in this scheme: 4 - X - X - X - X - X - X

What is the number series for the first 7 digits?


14. How do the terms relate to each other?

In the following, you will be shown 3 terms, the 4th you have to add. These are 2 pairs of terms, and you have to complete the second with the appropriate word in analogy to the first.


Lizard - crawling : butterfly -?

The choices are: tumbling, pupating, fluttering, sucking, wobbling.


15. Which term applies?

One of the following terms has the same meaning as ambivalent : fearless, doubtful, ambiguous, ambitious, controversial.


16. What was it about?

This task is a concentration test: Do you still know - without looking - what the second task was about? If not, keep going, maybe you will remember later.


17. Which word does not fit?

Below you will read several terms, one of which does not match the others - which one is it?

pond - North Sea - river - ocean - swimming pool - lake - stream


18. Which term is an antonym?

Find the right contrast to Gallophobia:


  • cacophony

  • Cholelithiasis

  • Francophilia

  • Hemophilia

  • antipathy


19. How do you make the correct analogy?

Tree relates to the forest like a brook to ...


  • river

  • ocean

  • lake

  • flow

  • puddle

  • sea


20. Which number must follow?

Finally, a series of numbers. Complete the last digit: 324 - 108 - 36 - 12 -?


How long did it take you? And did you solve everything correctly? In this LINK, we have compiled the answers and resolutions of the questions.