Also known as organizational socialization, onboarding is the process by which new hires are emotionally, physically and professionally integrated into the established culture and operations of their new employer.

  • Recruitment and selection by competency is a way of hiring candidates that go beyond traditional qualifications. Gone are the days when it was enough to have professionals who met the job requirements, focused solely on technical skills. With increasing competitiveness and a scramble for talent, companies need flexible, dynamic, and complex professionals who meet the challenges of the marketplace.

  • "We often overestimate the effects of future changes in the next 2 years, while underestimating those that will occur within 10 years" (Bill Gates). While change is often thought of as a sudden and obvious revelation, it settles more often in our daily lives in a progressive way. What about today's HR? Collaborative experience, social recruitment, process acceleration: amid all these topics, what will be the recruitment trends for the year 2019?

  • "Making it simple is certainly the most sophisticated goal in the world" (Steve Jobs). While all companies today want to "become more agile", "build a startup culture" or "lighten their processes", new management methods are gaining momentum, foremost among which is lean management. This method of fight against waste, initially developed in the industrial environment, can allow very important performance gains if it is applied to recruitment.

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Onboarding often begins before the employee joins the organization, for example with the dissemination of handbooks and policies before the employment officially begins.