Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is how a company markets their employer brand to attract and engage talent on their journey to becoming an applicant.

  • The same person can be an excellent office employee, but completely ineffective at remote work. An HR specialist should keep this in mind and not lose sight of simple but important little things. We put them together in the form of a short guide - from the necessary soft skills and their assessment to the geography of search and motivation.

  • There is a universe of recruitment and selection techniques to choose from. Today, with technological advances and the HR revolution, no one has to be stuck with traditional methods alone. Of course, many classic strategies still work, and not all trends will fit your business reality.

  • There are many similarities between marketing and recruitment. The recruiter seeks to "sell" a job to a candidate, while the salesperson sells a product to a customer with marketing support. So, can we imagine mobilizing marketing in support of recruitment?

  • Trends in HR are ever changing. Every year new trends arise due to the issues that HR face and the discussion around how to solve them. Employee experience is the latest trend taking hold of the HR industry. With companies being faced with the task of creating environments that make people genuinely want to show up to work.

Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing refers to the strategies and tactics an organization uses to find, attract, engage and nurture talent before they apply for a job, also called the pre-applicant phase of talent acquisition. In simple terms, recruitment marketing is the practice of promoting the value of working for an employer in order to recruit talent. It is analogous in many ways to corporate marketing and is extremely similar to employer branding except relates to trackable initiatives that drive awareness and conversion of applicants vs someone's impression of working at a company. Of course, others see employer branding as a subset of recruitment marketing, in addition to extending the reach and exposure of career opportunities, building and nurturing candidate relationships through talent communities, and all management of messaging and advertising of talent acquisition efforts.