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Work hours & holidays in Thailand

Work hours & holidays in Thailand

Employees working in Thailand are provided with basic legal protection and benefits. For example, they are entitled to no fewer than 13 national holidays per year and after working in their employment for one consecutive year, they may take six days of annual leave.

Should the nature of business require employees to work overtime or on holidays, they may make a choice on their own. As for female employees, their maternity leave covers a period of 90 days including holidays, out of which only up to 45 can be paid.


Employees have the right to be provided with a daily rest lasting one hour after working for five consecutive hours. The one hour break may be broken down to smaller time periods and laid out more evenly, not just taking place all at once. A weekly holiday of at least one day a week at intervals of a six-day period must be arranged by the employer.

If the number of hours exceeds the maximum number of hours set by either law or a specific agreement, employees must receive overtime compensation (the overtime rate can amount to a rate  1–1.5 times greater than the normal hourly rate). However, employees are allowed to work overtime only for 36 additional hours per week.