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Does Outsourcing Staff Represent An advantage For Companies?

Does Outsourcing Staff Represent An advantage For Companies?

Hiring an external company to carry out activities that were commonly carried out internally has become an increasingly common practice in our country. This is because in recent years companies are more convinced of the advantages of hiring an outsourcing service and have verified the results.

Various experts estimate that personnel outsourcing has become a necessary factor in small and medium-sized businesses to boost their growth and development. For example, the International Business Report (IBR) study, conducted in 2015, indicates that 49% of Latin American companies began using outsourcing services because this reduced their costs in the human resources department and, consequently, in the payroll payment.

Discover why personnel outsourcing represents a considerable advantage for your business:

Discover why personnel outsourcing represents a considerable advantage for your business:

Cost reduction

There are several reasons why personnel outsourcing contributes to cost reduction in a company. The main one is that a specialized area is disregarded that takes payroll and personnel administration matters, which reduces the overall costs of the organization. If you're interested, read a little more about how to optimize your company's payroll and reduce costs. Delegation of responsibilities Dedicating yourself to perform only the tasks of your core business is one of the main benefits you get from hiring a personnel outsourcing company. Since by delegating administrative responsibilities over which you used to work, such as those related to the social security of workers or the timely fulfillment of payroll, you avoid distractions and spend more time developing your company.

Avoid problems with tax and government authorities

An outsourcing of personnel, in addition to carrying your payroll, is legally responsible for your workers. This implies that all worker-employer obligations will be of the subcontracting company. Therefore, you will not have to deal with Social security  audits; Well, your outsourcing company will have specific plans to make all the corresponding payments within the required deadlines and, therefore, will have to respond in case of any problem that arises in this regard. Review this list with the legal requirements of the payroll considering the current status of yours.

You have an external and specialist work team

An extra advantage is that you can count on a specialized and trained team to carry out all the payroll, personnel management and recruitment tasks that your company requires. Remember that your outsourcing company will be part of your work team even when it operates externally

There are several benefits that your company acquires if you hire a staff outsourcing service. Set aside myths and take advantage of opportunities!