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Job Interview | The Last Minutes Count As Much As The First

The last impression is as important as the first. By poorly completing a job interview, you negatively impact the final decision. Here are some tips to conclude your trading on a positive note.



  • Do not ask for a "hot" opinion


At the end of the interview, it is still too early to ask the recruiter about your profile and your chances of being selected. Even if your application has the qualities and experience required for the position, give him time to confirm his opinion by meeting other candidates. However, you can ask the recruiter how long he intends to contact you to give you an answer.

Recruiting a person is an important decision that impacts you as much as the business. It is therefore normal for the choice to be made in the most enlightened way possible.

In the same way, avoid addressing the topic of pay, leave and benefits too soon. If the recruiter is interested in your profile and offers you a second interview, he will discuss these topics himself.



  • Stay on the same positive note


It would be a shame to end the interview on a negative note when you had good contact with the recruiter and you appeared to your advantage upon your arrival on the premises.

When the recruiter offers to accompany you, do not see this moment as a liberation, rather enjoy it to reveal another side of your personality, such as humor for example.



  • Always thank for being received


Always thank the person who receives you for his/her time. It's a reflex that may seem obvious, but that many candidates do not have. Try to accompany your thanks with an energetic handshake, a smile and a candid look.


We recommend sending an email to the person who received you, within 24 to 48 hours after the interview to renew your motivation for the position. This simple act will enhance your application and distinguish you from other candidates. Take the opportunity to remember your assets for the job, what you like the most in the offer and the company, etc.



  • Pay attention to your gestures


Some innocuous gestures in appearance could serve you. For example, avoid rushing to your phone right after the interview while the recruiter is still in your field of vision. Private conversations while you are in the perimeter of the company or even bartering your shoes or loafers for sneakers while you are still in the premises of the company are not well seen.


Finally, try to be relaxed. For some, the job interview is a real test and a source of stress. But do not be overwhelmed by your emotions because the pressure could serve you. Instead, see the interview as a discussion between you and the recruiter. The more positive and confident you are, the more points you will score. It's your turn!