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Top 10 Skills To Possess in 2020

Top 10 Skills to Posses in 2020

Today, for recruiters, the challenge is not so much to recruit potential profiles. This presupposes a greater focus on the candidate's personality and ability to adapt or evolve, than on his or her previous degree or experience. As part of a recruitment process, well-being and motivation are now key elements. What are the qualities that will be essential to find a job in the world of work tomorrow?



Personality will become a selection criterion when hiring


According to a survey conducted by TTI Success Insights with a hundred HR managers, recruiters, managers and executives, only 34% of professionals say that personality is the number one selection criterion when hiring. However, while training and mastery of certain technical skills are sometimes essential in the occupation of a position, they are also insufficient.


Indeed, recruiting students from the same school or limiting themselves to candidates with the same experience is no longer sufficient to guarantee the success of recruitment. In a world of work that is changing, becoming more automated and digitalized, the obsolescence of technical skills (hard skills) is accelerating, so that the main challenge for the employee today is to adapt his skills to functions that are constantly evolving. Agility or adaptability become essential qualities that take a growing place in professional development.



Broaden the field of competences: the revolution of soft skills


A report from the World Economic Forum, titled "New Vision for Education - Unlocking the Potential of Technology", highlights a base of 16 critical skills for the 21st century and 10 of them are related to soft skills.



Top 10 skills to possess in 2020


  • Ability to solve complex problems

  • Critical mind

  • Creativity

  • Management

  • Team spirit

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Judgment and decision-making

  • Sense of service

  • Negotiation

  • Flexibility


Cognitive and behavioral skills are attracting more and more interest among companies seeking to recruit more widely to foster a pleasant work environment, but also a more diverse and inclusive collective - and therefore more efficient - by ensuring the ability of the potential recruit to be in line with the values of the company. These elements are essential for the integration and the professional success of the candidate within the company



Soft skills: assets to put forward on your CV


To talk about his qualities on his CV, it is important to know how to identify them on the one hand and put them forward on the other hand. Our expert gives you some tips to put your soft skills on your cv.