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What Can A Recruitment Agency Do For My Company?

What Can A Recruitment Agency Do For My Company?

Finding talent is one of the biggest challenges for most companies. Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries takes an important time from any employer's obligations. That is why every time there is a higher number of people who resort to team up with recruitment agencies, which handle the search for talent so that the company that hires them does not have to use time and effort, to fill available positions.


If you are considering working with a recruitment agency to meet your hiring needs, this is what recruitment company can do for your company:



Find people with specific talents


Although you probably know your industry in detail, it can be difficult to understand some of the positions within a specific niche for your company.


A recruitment agency can help you identify, qualify and contact talented individuals that you probably couldn't find independently. This can also help you identify candidates and review the references for your job prospects.



Reduce costs for bad contracts


The recruitment agency represents an added cost when hiring their services. However, working with one can represent a long-term quality decision. For example, using a recruitment agency could drastically reduce the chances of hiring the wrong person. It is estimated that the cost of replacing a collaborator within your company can be a third of his salary. Additionally, hiring the inappropriate person and remedying that decision within the first six months can cost twice as much as the person's salary. Even with a salary of 600,000 baht a year, this can become a mistake of 1,800,000 baht, including your salary. So, why not hire the right person from the beginning?



Benefit from a motivated personnel search


We have to accept it, there are several tasks that you would rather be doing instead of browsing leaflets and applications in search of the perfect candidate. Several entrepreneurs are assigned this task and end up lengthening the process, costing them money in what they struggle to do without filling the vacancy.


Since you are paying to find the right person, the agency will not lack motivation or time. More than anything, since recruitment agencies can only compete through their reputation, they have become experts to rule out candidates who are not qualified for the specific vacancy your company seeks.


Remember that if you need help to maximize human resources in your company you can contact us now, and we  will help you achieve it.