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Recruitment in Thailand : Career Counseling - an Interview

Recruitment: Career Counseling - an Interview

Good human resources work needs heart, mind and a consultant who knows exactly the needs of the companies as well as the candidates. But how does a recruitment agency actually work - and for whom is it suitable?


In the interview, Phanuphan, Recruitment Manager with Fischer & Partners gives a tour behind the scenes. Find out why especially career starters and returnees benefit.



What does a recruitment agency actually do?


Phanuphan: Nowadays qualified applicants have a high demand for the future employer. Factors such as employer image, career opportunities, and industry, as well as corporate and management culture, play a major role here. At the same time, it's very difficult to pinpoint all these factors and decide whether the company is right for you through job advertisements and career portals of potential employers.


This is where recruitment comes into play: It brings employers and applicants together, as a kind of middleman, who represents the interests of both sides fairly. It is not about catapulting candidates into employment as quickly as possible. On the contrary, applicants and companies have to fit together exactly.


It depends on the job profile as well as on the skills of the applicants - and of course the salary expectations. That makes the success of a good recruitment agency.



Keyword temporary work: Many companies are looking for qualified candidates quickly. What advantage does the placement offer in temporary positions to the applicants?


Temporary work is a great way to gain a foothold in reputed companies for career starters, returnees or applicants who want to make the next career move. Companies are always looking for candidates for a certain period of time who are quick to fit in and bring with them special expertise, for example in the IT or finance sector.


Experience shows: Often the temporary employment transferred to a permanent position with the customer and the candidates make a career. Thus a personnel placement offers a quick entry into the job market. As an applicant, you gain valuable experience, improve your technical skills, acquire important references and thus optimize your career opportunities.


What many applicants do not know: Temporary employment is a normal employment relationship with any other employer. They are not employed by the company, but by the Recruitment Agency. At Fischer & Partners, we conclude a permanent employment contract with you.


It includes all the privileges of a permanent position and, depending on the qualifications, usually pay around. This includes social benefits. Temporary work is thus ideally suited to all candidates who prefer to work on a project-specific basis and want to get to know different companies and industries.



How does the recruitment agency work?


You send us your CV - this is the first step. Afterward, we will get to know you in a personal conversation. On this basis, we create a precise profile with your social and professional strengths. This allows us to suggest jobs that are tailored to your skills and knowledge. If you like the suggestion, we forward your application to the respective company - you decide. This gives you control over your data at all times.


When recruiting, it is important to provide optimal support to the candidates - from the first contact to the conclusion of the contract and beyond. This includes, for example, coaching you personally as an applicant. For example, to optimize your application documents and prepare them specifically for the job interview - including tips on the right appearance and background information on the respective company. This will increase your chances of impressing potential employers with job interviews.


A good recruitment consultant will continue to be there for you - even after he has successfully placed you on temporary or permanent employment. Career planning does not end when you join a company. On the contrary, it is a constant process in which a professional adviser can provide valuable support.



Speaking of recruitment consultants: What makes a good HR consultant?


Human resources work only with heart and mind (understanding). HR consultants speak to several applicants and customers on a daily basis, which requires a great deal of empathy and a healthy knowledge of human nature. After all, the applicant not only has to convince technically but also characteristically.


And of course, it can not be done without a large network: the personnel consultant is in direct contact with the decision-makers of the respective departments in companies. He knows which type of candidates are looking for and needing by the companies - and scores with knowledge about the market. He also needs this to really inform you about your chances, market salaries, and trends.


A good recruitment consultant is always a career counselor who shows you where you stand. What else is missing for the next step towards professional success? And how do you improve your chances? He'll show you new career opportunities you may not even have seen. Only if you, as a candidate, at the end fit perfectly with the company and are successful, is this also a success for a recruitment agency.



Advice, career coaching, job placement: Do applicants have to pay for this service?


No, our service is completely free for applicants. The recruiter is hired by the companies and works almost like a broker: If he mediates a candidate successfully, the company bears the full cost.



The topic of successful recruitment: With what skills can applicants score?


Of course, technical skills must fit. Companies are looking for highly qualified workers who shine with specialist and expert knowledge. That's a basic requirement, but not everything.


What matters most to companies is personality. Because in the end not only the qualification counts but the candidate has to fit into the team. Authentic applicants who do not bend and communicate honestly and openly, therefore, have the best chance.


Against the background of digitization, willingness to change and flexibility is becoming increasingly important. Applicants should be prepared for as well as lifelong learning.



When did you do a good job as a recruitment consultant?


Simply put, if I made sure that great candidates land in great places and all sides are satisfied - businesses as well as applicants. As a recruitment consultant, it is not just about acquiring and maintaining a network, knowing the market and knowing the facts, figures, and numbers.


As a personal consultant, I work with a wide variety of people. And that's the wonderful thing about it: I get to know their goals, their motivation, and needs - but also their fears and worries.


If I've been able to support a highly qualified candidate in his career and, on the other hand, experience a completely satisfied company, that's a great feeling. Then I know, I did a really good job or more than that.



Thank you, Khun Phanuphan, for this interview!


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