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TALENT BANK: How To Attract The Best Professionals

TALENT BANK: How To Attract The Best Professionals

Talent banking is an important tool for attracting top professionals to your company. This database makes it easier for you to connect with the talents who care about your product or service. This way, when it comes to hiring, you open the selection process from your bank's already filtered names and thus save time and resources in recruiting.


Interested in using the talent bank to speed up hiring and make it easy to connect with the best professionals in your field? Then read on to know everything about it.



What is the talent bank


The talent bank is a database that gathers information from job applicants for the company. This list may include first and last names, contacts, experience, specific skills, intended job or position, past employers, references, and more. To access it, the candidate usually uses the company's website, which brings a specific link for registration. There the professional complete all the required information receives an e-mail of thanks and confirmation and then waits for the disclosure of new vacancies in his area.


For the company, this is a simple way to shorten the path to top talent in the market. Instead of running after the pros, why not let them come to you? But attracting the most qualified names is no easy task. They need to know your business, engage with your brand, and demonstrate an intention to work thereby filling out the registration form.



How to use the talent bank


Many companies relegate the talent bank to a mandatory and irrelevant site item, at the bottom of the page, in a barely visible corner. They do not value this tool as a platform for direct connection with marketers who identify with the organization. This allows them to create a shortcut to reach these people more easily, thereby speeding up the hiring process and making recruiting much cheaper. So if you want to make the most of the talent bank, you should consider it an important part of the Human Resources industry. This could be the company's first contact with a future manager, a prominent Business Intelligence analyst, ahead of the developer team, etc. Thus, it is important to take the talent bank from the background and bring it to the planning table.



How to get the most out of this tool?


This is what we will find out next.


Talent bank step by step


Here's how you can use a talent bank to hire top professionals:


  • Organize all the functions and positions of your company.

  • Investigate if there are possible demands that are not being met by current contributors

  • In a spreadsheet, create the most recommended skills, abilities, and potential experiences dashboard for each of the positions

  • Use all this information to architect your database for the talent bank. What fields and data will candidates have to fill in to make the best talent stand out quickly?

  • Combine with the UX / UI designers and developers team how the information will be filled and routed to the HR industry in a practical, scalable way that provides a macro and micro look at each candidate

  • Choose an intuitive and easy interface for the candidate, remembering to require data according to the area profile. Example: You may not need to ask which programming languages the social network analyst knows.

  • Publish the featured database on the site to offer this possibility to the user who is interested in your page.

  • Set up automatic filtering of resumes and data so that future selections can be based on a candidate base that meets selectable criteria.


Start a relationship with all talent bank names through periodic emails and invitations to enjoy their social networks. This way, these professionals will have even more desire to work in your company and can express this interest to acquaintances, friends, and colleagues. All this favors the attraction of great talent. Talk to your employees so that everyone can name the talent bank. Referring professionals you trust can score points in the best-name filtering process for the next round of hires.


Okay, now you know how to build your talent pool. But is this tool by itself enough? Or is it possible to go beyond this effort to capture the best professionals?


This is what we will see next.


Attracting professionals needs to go beyond talent bank


The creation of a good talent bank, following all the previous steps, is not enough to seek out the great professionals in the market. To do this, you need to go a little further and create an exposure strategy for your brand, product, and service to present to the professionals you want working in your organization. It's simple: how and why will they sign up for talent if they don't recognize the value of your company? So, it's time to use inbound marketing tactics, attraction marketing, to capture talent.



Check out some best practices:


  • Blog


Start publishing content about your business and niche topics so that users in your area begin to realize the value in your organization. With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, you can take your content to the top of Google for the search that makes the most sense in attracting talent. When creating your posts, remember to work on two fronts, one addressing topics that will interest your audience and the other reinforcing the positive aspects of your organization. To do this, do not just focus on publications disclosing company actions, but remember to mention them when you deem it appropriate, among other materials. For the strategy to work, it is important too, first of all, define a clear definition of who your target audience will be. From this setting, you can adjust the tone of voice, text style, and staff.


  • Social networks


Use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media to quickly reach your audience using sponsored publications, which should not be restricted to spreading the content of your blog. In them, capiche the images and adopt short texts, to the point. In ads, remember to take tests to find your audience: age, location, profession, interests, and educational level are some of the parameters available.


  • Rich materials


Ebooks, infographics, workshops, and video lessons help you capture leads that are interested in your business and can enter your talent pool. They should be deeper content, really worth the effort of the user. In all of these materials, it's important to be careful in your presentation and look to provide the best possible experience for the reader. To create them, you can investigate what are the most common questions about your product or service, and can analyze related keywords in Google searches. From these materials, you will filter out those users who are most interested in your business and might be part of your talent bank in the future.


  • E-mail marketing


From emails registered with the talent bank and sales funnel established with rich materials, offer content regularly via email to strengthen relationships with potential candidates without relying on Facebook and Instagram algorithms. With emails, you must strengthen your relationship with these readers. Create content related to your business that might be useful to them, and set a periodicity for messages. It is worth making references and links to the blog.


On all these platforms, don't forget that the ultimate goal is to present your business as a good place to work. So, before creating the guidelines, understand what your strengths and differentials are to show throughout the publications that you truly value your employees and that your talent bank is a great way for top professionals in the field.



Find the best talent


In addition to building your talent bank on the tips of this article, it is interesting to use technology to find the best professionals for your company. For that, it's time to meet Fischer & Partners Recruitment & Executive Search, a platform that connects top talent to the most innovative companies in the market. This solution identifies the best profiles for your jobs and facilitates contact with candidates by filtering the professionals who have the knowledge and experience you most need in your company. Through a large database and machine learning, the platform allows the reduction of hiring time from 39 to 14 days. That way you reinforce your recruitment process on two fronts. You get resumes and portfolios from candidates who are interested in your company. At the same time, it reduces the distance to the desired skills and experience by launching new jobs on a smart platform.