Talent Pool

Talent Pool is an expression used to describe a database with all of your current and potential future job candidates. 

  • Make a great CV. Make yourself smart in it. Write a personalized cover letter.

    After all, these have been heard. Of course, they are an important part of finding a job, there is no denial. However, an effective job search in the era of digital recruitment is more than just a CV and cover letter. 

  • Want to better understand how employer branding can help your business? Anyone who has ventured into the Human Resources industry knows that selection is only part of the recruitment process. Before, there are several steps required to find the ideal candidate. With that in mind, the concept of employer branding was developed, which encourages the attraction of the best talent through brand reinforcement and company appeal.

  • There is a universe of recruitment and selection techniques to choose from. Today, with technological advances and the HR revolution, no one has to be stuck with traditional methods alone. Of course, many classic strategies still work, and not all trends will fit your business reality.

  • For many years the term ‘recruitment agency’ has been dirty words for hiring managers, but recently there has been a wind of change.  Many businesses are now turning to recruitment agencies, with a move towards ‘partner’ relationships between employer and agency.


Talent Pool

Talent Pool refers to a place or database where recruiters and HR Managers keep all of their top job candidates. Talent pools make not only candidates that have applied for jobs but also sourced, referred candidates, silver medallists, and candidates that have willingly joined your pool in an inbound way. 

In other words, candidates from different stages of their candidate journey may be a part of your talent pool.