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How to stand out from the crowd in the labor market?

How to stand out from the crowd in the labor market?

Make a great CV. Make yourself smart in it. Write a personalized cover letter.


After all, these have been heard. Of course, they are an important part of finding a job, there is no denial. However, an effective job search in the era of digital recruitment is more than just a CV and cover letter. These are not always enough - years of experience will not be useful if you do not bring it up. There are other ways you can improve your visibility and stand out from the crowd - here are a few tips on the subject!



What does segregation mean in the labor market?


Today, most employers use some form of recruitment system to support their recruitment process. Often there are so many applications that the employer has no chance to go through all the details. The process needs to be streamlined. Recruiters are looking for experts e.g. based on work experience, location, areas of expertise and qualifications. When the appropriate criteria are used to demarcate a sufficiently dense group, the recruiter will be able to go through the resulting pool of applicants/applications. These criteria are thus keywords that the recruiter pre-qualifies for.


Standing out from the crowd is, therefore, more than just updating your CV. What keywords would you like to be found?



How can I be found more effectively?


To better distinguish yourself from other applicants on the job market, you may want to consider which keywords you would like to apply for the vacancy. Let's consider this through an example: You might be a plumbing professional by profession. Don't let your recruiter guess what your areas of expertise are, but refine your skills! A plumbing installer can be specialized in installing or repairing heating, water, air conditioning, drainage, gas, cooling or automation systems. So list the ones where you have the skills. You will surely come out better than the guy who listed only HVAC installer in his work experience without any specific expertise. The title alone is not enough!



Less modest for applications!


We tend to downplay our know-how and do not boldly present it. So I advise you to go to your discomfort area and praise yourself! It's okay and tells you about healthy self-confidence. Sure, it's good to remember to stay in the facts.


You can easily highlight your strengths by thinking of the following:


  • What were my job responsibilities in my previous job, and what did I learn from them?

  • What was I responsible for?

  • What did we do with the team? / What did I do and where did I succeed?

  • How can the lessons learned from earlier work be used in the job search now?


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