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Hunting For Motivation

Hunting For Motivation

Sometimes you need to dig deeper into work motivation, but it should also be created by the employer.


Motivation is the most important driver in our working life. We are all motivated by something that gets us up and running in the mornings. For many, it is money or a sense of duty, even fear. The happiest of us are moved by passion for our work.


The more positive and rewarding the core of motivation, the better we feel at work. If we go to work just because we don't get kicked out and get the family bread on the table, we are not necessarily very happy.


When motivation is related to spiritual reward, well-being, success, learning, enthusiasm or joy, it is powerful and helps you to do a lot.


Good experience strengthens motivation. Feedback and feelings of success feed it best. It is an important responsibility of the employer to motivate employees and provide them with the tools to develop their creativity and skills. Recruiting to the right job suited is an integral part of this.


A rare and effective treatment for the employer would be to give the employee more time and freedom to work according to their own strengths. So, get rid of those so important result and time goals.


A supervisor is like a workplace doctrine or the mother who even mirrors a lot of things by her own behavior. Surprisingly, minors often repeat superiors' behavior.


The work of the whole company and the supervisors also sets an example of the significance and pleasure of the work. If no one gets a kick out of their achievements and everyone's face is strained, it's no wonder no one is interested.


According to several studies, the most motivated people are those who are allowed to use their natural creativity at work. Creativity is not about the profession, because in principle it is only about working with meaningful working methods.


Motivation through creativity can also be created by looking at work as an opportunity for one's own time and for more creative work.