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Can Net Idol Influence The Recruitment Decision?

Can Net Idol Influence The Recruitment Decision?

Now more than ever, experts are being squeezed and attracted to somebody, and rightly so: in Thailand, active employees are more credible speakers of the company than the executives or the company itself. So can a job seeker's impressive social presence have a positive impact on the recruitment decision?


If one thinks that there would be equally qualified experts in the same line of choice, only one of whom is active in social media and has business followers and networks that are of interest to the company, then, of course, this may attract an informed employer. Most importantly, however, social impact matters to the company and is not, for example, about having a strong presence in the hobby.


In the case of Some, it is as if the company hires an expert in addition to its networks, even if there is no guarantee that they will be directly exploited. Just as when applying for a job,there is nowhere to be agreed that a company can directly utilize new employee networks, but the assumption is that it will continue to exploit them in the company's interest.


Especially in the field of marketing communications, some can have a lot of weight in the selection: it is thought that somebody active in social media will also better understand this tool and its features than their rarely used somebody.


However, it is not exactly how Net Idol is constructed. Indeed, for example, a football fan base is hardly interested in a technology company, but an expert who is strongly present in technology discussions may well be what the company needs in its ranks: a messenger to the right forums. It is much faster and easier to harness a smooth-moving expert into your company's reputation-building team than to suddenly turn someone reluctant to socialize into something.


So if the company itself is active in social media and understands the opportunities it has for influencing, Net Idol in recruitment may weigh surprisingly heavily on a horizontal cup.