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Tips For Finding A New Job After A Break Of Years

Tips For Finding A New Job After A Break Of Years

Perhaps you were relaxed on vacation and zeroed in on stress, but one work-related thought didn't let you down: you want to change jobs. How do I start looking for a job after a break?


If you haven't applied for a job for years, there are a few things to keep in mind before applying for the application letter marathon. First of all, have you wondered what you want to do next and what are your strengths? Having good professional self-knowledge is an important starting point in your job search, so take a moment to write down some of the things your new dream career might contain. The title does not always tell the whole truth, so it is good for you to clarify the limits to your work.


Next, take a digital look around and see where you can even find jobs these days. Of course, well-known listing services still help to get started, but they have been quickly knocked down. LinkedIn and Twitter are good channels for spotting recruitment announcements, especially for smaller companies and startups, and keeping track of how interesting companies and executives are communicating there: get a glimpse of jobs and culture.


Next, take a look at your CV, but before you add any lines, think about your strengths and how they should be highlighted in this document, which may take a few minutes to look at. Also, be prepared to modify your CV for different searches: on one hand you want to highlight one, on the other, you want something else. Your CV should not just be a dry list of your work history, but clearly and concisely put together the best pieces of you as an employee. Think of it like a restaurant menu that tells the style of a place and attracts you to order - at a glance.


Also, think about the format of your application letter: what does it say about you as an employee, what your CV can't tell you? Would a video be a good addition and a way to bring out your personality? Don't get stuck in what you already know, just google and be inspired by the distinctive ways to get a job.


And before you apply, ask a friend to look through your document: an outsider can tell you what they are about you, and if this is not what you wanted, you still have time to adjust.