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Unfortunately, recent social discussions have shown that many employers still have quite a bit to do with successful recruitment communications. In addition to not remembering or understanding job applications, interviewers too often use interrogation tactics instead of interviews.


While job seekers are offered fully online tips for effective interaction and communication in the job search situation, the same should apply to employers and recruiters. As the job market becomes more and more a job seeker market, it is increasingly important how job seekers are communicated and what kind of experience they get from the recruiting company - whether they get a job or not. The word mistreatment is spreading like wildfire in Thailand and vice versa is also known.


For the job interview situation, I would urge each recruiter to prepare for his or her ten questions instead of copying them from the web by thinking about their interactions. Instead of asking the hot questions, it is worth thinking about how to get the most out of the situation - and the applicant - in a good spirit. I understand that the heat may be tempting as it allows many to believe that they are seeing the pressure of the applicant, but have you wondered what the situation is about your work community and your recruiting manager? That there is no room for discussion?


The job interview situation can be compared to that of the first date: few are ignited by charcoal, but many are warm when they are listened to and the interaction remains balanced. The basics are worth remembering in every encounter with job seekers, as the first impression is made only once, and as a recruiter in your account, it is to create that impression. So remember to show your genuine interest to the applicant, be yourself and listen, and not be in the voice all the time. Easy, right?