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7 Tips To Help You Find Staff

7 Tips To Help You Find Staff

Is it time to hire? Do you wonder how to find the right person for the job? Finding employees who are quite right for you as an employer can be difficult. Here are 7 tips from Fischer & Partners Recruitment & Executive Search who can help you attract and find the right staff for your company.


Find staff through internships


Offer students on the way out to work-life relevant and good internships with tasks that challenge and develop their skills. It will be good both for your organization and the student who gets important experiences and a good start to their career development. If you are active in a competitive industry, want to find staff in Bangkok or Jakarta where there is high competition for the workforce and difficult to find suitable candidates, this is a very good way to find new future colleagues. Perhaps you will get a real jewel that will help your business move forward and become your new star!


Work with employer branding


One topic that always has been, and is still very hot is employer branding. Employer branding can be described as the way you are perceived by current and future employees. If you succeed with your employer branding, it is easy to find new talents who want to work for your organization. You get a broader basis to choose from in recruitment processes and interested and competent talents respond to your ads as soon as you start a recruitment process without having to look with lights and lanterns. At the same time, you also maintain and increase the motivation of your current employees. It does not have to be about having an office that looks crazy with a slide instead of stairs and sitting pouches instead of office chairs. It can be about small things, like a lovely corporate culture or nice benefits for the employees.


Use your website to find staff


Your website is a very important channel for attracting and informing interested candidates. Make sure that the website is well updated with descriptive information about your service offering and your business. Should you recruit, add information that you are looking for one or more new employees, inform about the service and provide clear information about where and how you can apply for the job. It makes it easier for the job seeker. If you work with a recruitment company, do not forget to link to the job advertisement!


An active dialogue with current staff


Your employees are largely your face outwards. Especially when it comes to helping with recruitment. Get help from your employees if you have trouble finding good candidates! They likely know someone active in their field and can recommend a new colleague. Maybe an old plug-in friend or contact on LinkedIn is the solution for your recruitment? Regardless of whether the current staff can help find new recruitment or not, it is a good idea to talk to the employees to anchor what new competencies are needed for the business.

How do your internal goals look? What do you want to achieve with your recruitment and how do you want your team to develop? By clearly formulating what resources need to be taken in together with your current employees.


Find staff by sticking out in the advertising


Getting many applications for a service necessarily needs to be positive. Many job ads claim that you are looking for very broad knowledge in fields that may not be related to each other. This means that you get many applications, but find it hard to find exactly the person you are looking for. Standing out in advertising by being very specific means that you have more chances to find staff that is right. Perhaps it is important for you that the person you employ is flexible. Specify what flexible means for you and why it is important in your business and avoid blunders.



Consider hiring temp staff


Do you only have a temporary need for staff? Consider hiring tempolary staff instead of hiring. Regardless of whether it concerns simpler tasks such as packing or more qualified assignments that fit a management consultant, there is the opportunity to rent the skills. In this way, you save money and quickly get in staff who perform the tasks you need.


Find staff with recruitment companies


The easiest, most efficient and fastest way to find staff is by hiring a recruitment company. We are experts in managing recruitment processes based on specific requirements and specifications, we have a large candidate bank with many different skills and we offer advice to find just the right skills for your business. Taking help with recruitment saves time, you can concentrate on your business and get better conditions for finding a selection of candidates who meet your expectations and hopes.