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Improve Employee Satisfaction With New Technologies

Improve Employee Satisfaction With New Technologies

Thanks to the different virtual switch solutions, companies can give their employees more freedom. New technological advances in the field allow great mobility and flexibility. 


With the significant growth of teleworking in recent years, it is becoming increasingly clear that its use allows employees to feel better in their jobs. Flexible schedules, greater comfort, and mobility, characteristics that produce that employees are happier and more satisfied in their work.


Travel times to the workplace that in some cases can be important are simply eliminated. Let's see how the new technologies that virtual switches have developed can increase the well-being of their employees at work.



The satisfaction and well-being of employees, a point that has become inevitable.


Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of the welfare of their employees, so the number of them that use alternative management methods does not stop growing and it is clear that their methods bring a significant improvement in productivity to their societies. The personal frustration of employees often results in inefficiency at work.


There are many ways to improve the welfare of your employees. Either to increase the quality of the food offered, reduce the cost of travel by proposing the transport services of the company or increase the flexibility of schedules. All kinds of solutions have been devised in recent years. Telecommuting is part of this and is spreading more and more, demonstrating all the benefits it brings to the organization in general.


Thanks to new technologies, the geographical restrictions are known so far are gradually being eliminated. Your employees can perform the same tasks as if they had been in their facilities. They can work from home, a library, but also any foreign country.


For positions where high mobility is required, this is the perfect solution to provide the best support to your employees in all their missions. Flexible schedules are a fundamental point of job satisfaction. We are more involved and, therefore, we are more productive when our schedule adapts to our abilities and our limits.


With a virtual switch, all that is needed is Wi-Fi or 4G Internet access to access through your cell phone or computer. Employees can work from anywhere.



Develop personal projects for the benefit of your company


Motivation is a key factor to achieve professional goals. More and more companies choose to allow their employees to take time off to establish a personal project of their choice. Employees can invest time in a project that is important to them and that is related to the activity of their company.


Far from being a waste of time, creating these projects allows your employees to work with skills and knowledge that they may not be used in their job. Your employees will feel more involved, your motivation will be greater and your productivity will increase. Google, Hewlett Packard or 3M are among the companies that have implemented this type of technique in their activity, letting personal projects develop.


Google, for example, allows its employees to concentrate on their projects a few hours a week. This is how Google Chrome or Google Maps was developed.


But not only the large multinationals recognize the benefits of these methods. Smaller structures are starting to take the step today. The benefits are the same as for large companies. With a greater balance between their professional and personal life, employees will be more involved in their duties. And they will bring new visions and strategies with their projects.