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Importance Of Recruitment And Selection Of Personnel

Importance of recruitment and selection of personnel

For entrepreneurs, the attraction of the best candidates to the vacancies they offer and the incorporation of them into their organization are fundamental questions for the strategic planning of the company and its vision of growth. If this process is not carried out correctly, you can miss the opportunity to enter the company to a person with great potential and talent for the required position or, worse, hire someone with the negative influence that can affect the success of the organization.

That is why we want to share why recruitment and selection of personnel for your company are important:

Strategic importance

Recruitment and selection of personnel should be a matter of strategic importance for companies. Having a human capital suitable for the required positions is necessary for the organization to be competitive because, in reality, the competitiveness of companies does not depend on machines or infrastructure, what matters is having the right staff.

Indeed, creativity, talent and human intelligence are irreplaceable abilities that through good recruitment and selection of personnel, you must attract to your company.

Influence on the work environment

If a recruitment and selection process is poor, they might hire people who do not adapt to the position and pollute the company's work environment. Remember that emotions are spread, both negative and positive.

Impact on onboarding and training costs

In addition to the time lost due to an inefficient recruitment and selection process, if personnel who do not adequately fulfill the required job profile are hired there is a risk that the costs in onboarding and training will increase or simply be wasted. That is why it is important to know the position well and, from there, define the skills necessary for a good performance.

Now you know! It is important to carry out recruitment and selection planning consistent with the needs of your company. Remember that human capital is the most important resource to achieve its objectives. If you want to know more about topics related to this article, click on below articles!