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Job seekers and managers looking for the ideal employee often face the same problem: where to find reliable information on the latest trends in the job market and practical advice on recruitment procedures ?


With the expertise of our specialized recruitment consultants, we deliver the secrets of a successful career and optimal recruitment:

  • In the world of recruitment, things are usually done backward. Priority is given to skills, techniques, and functions as if these were the most important factors to consider in terms of hiring. If you have ever hired the wrong person, you know very well the costs of a hiring error. A large waste of time and energy is invested in solving the problem, as is the cost of the loss in terms of the opportunity to hire the right person for the job.

  • As experts in personnel outsourcing, we know very well the importance of carrying out a correct selection process, to recruit the best candidates. However, a company that does not provide consistency to the hiring of talents, is undoubtedly suffering from leaks. But what do we mean consistently when hiring talents? Because in the same way that a company has expectations about an employee, he also expects something from the company to which he will provide his services. This is where motivation plays a fundamental role. That's why in Fischer & Partners Recruitment & Executive Search we tell you 5 ways to keep your employees constantly motivated:

  • The resignation of talent is a problem that affects many companies, especially SMEs, since most times, multinationals offer not only higher salaries, but the possibility of professional growth and of course, to make a more attractive curriculum. That is why it is essential that companies design incentive programs for their employees, both to recruit and retain talent. In Fischer & Partners Executive Search & Recruitment, we tell you the steps to follow to elaborate it:

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