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A Successful Recruiter

What distinguishes a professional recruiter and what behaviors and activities create value and success for both customers and candidates? We went for a coffee with our Recruitment Manager, Khun Phanuphan who tells us what drives him to perform in the role of the recruiter.


Already during his studies, it became clear to Khun Phanuphan that it was the business and to be able to work with companies that attracted. After his study period at Silpakorn University, there were several road choices open and Khun Phanuphan chose to start working as a recruiter at Fischer & Partners. What turned out to be the most exciting was the customer collaboration itself, to help customers succeed and see the result of appointing the right person at the right job. Today Khun Phanuphan runs most recruitment processes and works daily to solve corporate challenges by recruiting the right skills.



To work as a recruiter


A recruiter acts as a project manager and works close to the business. This means running your own processes and meeting new companies and people in different industries. The dialogue with the customer is as much about identifying a challenge as delivering a solution, which motivates Khun Phanuphan to constantly develop in the role.


In order to become a good recruiter, you also need to be a good salesman and have the ability to handle expectations from several stakeholders with different needs and act as a broker between the client and the candidate. It is important to work efficiently and put a lot of focus on communication and dialogue.



To create motivation and find driving forces


Just as in sales, measurability and the ability to break down long-term goals into sub-goals and daily activities are very important. In it, competition becomes a natural part where it is extremely much about activity and results to deliver the right person in the right place. Competing has always come naturally to Khun Phanuphan and one of his main motivation factors is to win and exceed expectations from customers, managers and themselves. It is about doing things wholeheartedly and with high commitment. He is also driven by figures and results and believes that in combination with his continuity and diligence contributed to the success.


What warms the most is when the customer gives positive feedback. During his time as a recruiter, Khun Phanuphan has developed and grown in the role and is today a key person in the customer's recruitment strategy, where he is given the opportunity to sit in the management forum and discuss strategic competence supply. By finding the driving forces in the business itself and customer collaboration, Khun Phanuphan has succeeded in achieving outstanding results.



Challenges in the role of the recruiter


The fact that candidates drop out of processes is very common. Previously, Khun Phanuphan took this tougher and could lose motivation when candidates dropped out of the process at the last minute. Today he can instead look at the whole and handle setbacks in the processes as it is a calculated part of the recruitment. Recruitment is about people and there is much to be matched for an appointment to get rid of.



Khun Phanuphan’s 3 best tips for anyone who wants to work with a recruiter


  • Recruitment is about people! The most important thing is to work with a recruiter that you enjoy and agree with.

  • Work with a recruiter who really understands your need and who are committed to putting the roles on.

  • Assess to evaluate your potential recruitment partners based on factors such as customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and candidate satisfaction. All recruitment companies are experts in finding candidates, but a high level of commitment is required to create the right people for your specific needs.





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