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Career Move Towards IT Manager

Career Move Towards IT Manager

Are you at the ceiling of your position, and do you aspire to a leading IT role? Do you want to determine the course of the IT department, and do you have strategic insight? Are you curious about what the career move towards IT Manager can mean for you?

Read this blog to find out more about the role of an IT manager.

What does an IT Manager do?

To understand the career step towards IT Manager, it is important to have the content of the role sharp beforehand. Like all management positions, an IT Manager is responsible for planning and directing activities in the department. In practice, in many cases, this means that the IT Manager is ultimately responsible for the overall performance of the IT department.

For this, you work closely with the content specialists who report progress to you. As the person with ultimate responsibility, you are the person who makes essential choices and determines the future strategy. You are responsible for the budgets and tasks related to personnel matters.

The size of the organization primarily determines your actual duties. In general, the rule applies: "The more employees under your responsibility, the less operational your position will be."

The step to IT Manager

The motivation to make a career move to the position of IT Manager can differ per person. The most common motives are growth in salary, the need for an extra challenge, and the need for stability.

Do realize that, compared to an operational IT role, this step puts you further away from the technology. So if you get your energy from hands-on technology, a managerial position may not be the best step.

IT Manager features

You can distinguish yourself as an IT Manager by bringing a good foundation of substantive knowledge. An IT Manager is a generalist in the field and can participate in substantive discussions with all colleagues in the department. Without having to touch the buttons yourself, you know how to point a direction technically. In addition to your content side, the personal side is just as important. You know what is going on in the workplace, and you can bind and fascinate people.

Every IT manager has its unique qualities, but below you will find the most important ones:

# 1 Strategic insight

A manager draws up long-term plans. So you have to have strategic insight to determine the course. An ambitious course that fits the organization and internal objectives. Managing budgets for the department is part of this long-term vision.

# 2 Decisive attitude

A good IT manager should be robust in his shoes. In stressful situations, you can make the (right) decision. As a manager, you have an exemplary role. You stand behind the decisions that are made and take others into this.

# 3 Inspiring leadership

Encourage your employees to become the best version of themselves. The more you inspire them, the better the results will be in the department. Getting your employees moving and keeping them motivated is part of your job.

IT Manager salary

As with other IT positions, their salaries may vary by organization. The location of the IT Manager has a wide salary range. The amount of the salary is often based on the industry, organization size, and the responsibilities that the position has. So let yourself be well informed in advance regarding the content of the position. With this information, you can then do online research and consult your network about the appropriate salary. In this way, you avoid having to conclude in the final phase that it is not financially interesting for both parties.

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