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The Importance Of Human Resources In My Company

The Importance Of Human Resources In My Company

Among others, there are several resources that a company has: material, financial, technological, and human. The latter have distinctive characteristics that none of the others have; This is why human capital is considered an intangible asset, that is, a value that cannot be damaged and deserves extraordinary respect.


Human resources represent a source of competitive advantage that is not achieved like any other good, for the simple fact that no person, in their talent and aptitudes, is the same as another. That is why adequate recruitment and selection are essential to attract this vital asset to companies.


In this sense, human resources are currently important for a company for the following reasons:


  • The reasoning and interaction of human beings are irreplaceable.


  • It is the only resource that not only executes strategies but also contributes to creating them, which constantly generates value.


  • Human capital is a resource in constant growth, as long as it is invested in its work and personal development.


  • As we see, selecting the best human capital is one of the fundamental processes that no entrepreneur should neglect. But it is not enough with that, it is also very important that after hiring them they take care of increasing the value of their collaborators through internal training strategies, both in the labor and personal aspects.


Remember that the success of every organization is necessarily linked to the performance of all the people who make it up.