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Personality Matters

What is relationship sales and how do you succeed? We have met our Recruitment Director Nantida and talked about how she works with building trust and creating long-term relationships with her customers.


After her graduation, Nantida started working with Sales & Customer Service, and she quickly noticed that it was something she was good at. The combination to work varied and be out and meet different customers daily and to constantly compete, perform and strive to win suited her well. After testing on sales & customer service, she was recruited by her ex-boss, Iris & got the job and work along side Iris at one of the leading Recruitment Agency in Bangkok. After that Iris resigned & later founded Fischer & Partners Recruitment & Executive Search in 2010. Shortly thereafter, Nantida made her first day at Fischer & Partners.



Listen, get to know, and build constructively


The key in relationship-based sales is to be present with their customers often and regularly, but above all, it is about creating a loyal relationship by getting to know the customer even outside the agenda for the collaboration. This is something Nantida focused on since she started working as a Sales & Customer Serivce. At the first meeting, she gives the customer a lot of space, she listens and confirms to build trust. "In all my customer relationships, I give my greatest commitment". Commitment to Nantida means burning for what she does. "If I am passionate about what I do, then commitment is created. It is not possible to find, but it is something that comes from within ”. Some of Nantida's best customer collaborations today are companies she had already met as a newly hired salesman, which clearly shows how her focus on building relationships has created results.


When the competition is tough, it is extremely important to leave the imprint and to work actively to be top of mind in the customer's consciousness, so that you and your offer are on the customer's radar when they need. In this respect, presence and relationship building are crucial when it comes to service sales, which in many cases can be very person-dependent. Nantida gets to know her customers in-depth and works to create a team to solve the need together with the customer. “For me, it is important that there is joy in my collaborations. It should be fun to cooperate with me and the company. ”She also emphasizes the importance of not stopping the head in the sand if it does not go as it was intended, but in every situation showing commitment and willingness to help the customer.



Be likable


Being "likable" is perhaps difficult to define what it means, but it is definitely a property that is beneficial to the person who works with sales. Basically, it is about daring to bid for yourself. Nantida recalls a customer meeting where she would meet several department heads, and it was especially important that she made a good meeting. Nantida began the meeting by saying that she was nervous and therefore brought with her buns to lighten the mood. "It really became an icebreaker and we laughed well together."



Nantida's tips for those who want to succeed in sales.


  • Your personality and attitude can take you far. With the right attitude, the lesser role-plays what experience you have. The most important thing is that you really want to, and do what it takes to move forward.

  • Dare take initiative and take responsibility for doing the tasks you need to do.

  • Don't take a “no” personally. When you are building a customer base from scratch, it is very much about "caring conversations", and with that, you will get a lot of “no” during the road.

  • Be patient and persistent. Sales are not easy and it takes time to build a customer base from scratch.