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The Right Questions For The Job Interview

The Right Questions For The Job Interview

As a candidate, you want to get a complete picture of the organization and the position in a short time. What are the right questions, and what insights can you gain from them? Below are several examples of questions that will help you gain a good insight into the organization's position and where you would like to work.


What skills and experience should the ideal candidate have?


This allows the interviewer to indicate what they are looking for, and you will get a clear picture of whether this is a position that suits you well.


What is the second biggest problem you face in the organization?


It will encourage the interviewer to see you as part of the team, and you will find out what the issues are and what your added value can be.


What makes it pleasant for you to work here?


It gives you insight into how satisfied the employees are and how they treat each other. And whether this suits your working method.


When are you successful in this position and this organization?


With this question, you have the opportunity to find out whether the position and organization match your ambitions.


Do you have doubts about my experience, motivation, or personality regarding this vacancy?


This question shows that you are confident, not afraid of criticism, and want to invest in personal improvement.


What are the options for training and education?


This question shows that you would like to develop further and grow yourself.


Can you tell me which other teams and/or stakeholders I deal with in this position?


This question will give you a good idea of the people you will deal with in the position.


Provides extra insight, does the ambition of the organization also match your goal. See the interview as an opportunity to get more background information about the position and the organization with the right questions. By asking good questions, you immediately show your enthusiasm.