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Things You Should Never Do on Facebook If You Want to Land a Job

Things You Should Never Do on Facebook If You Want to Land a Job

Internet is the new public sphere. Even when you post something and set it in private mode, there are good chances that someone can perform a breach of access and use the information against you. The case can get worse, as there is a popular saying that ‘once something is posted on the internet, it will be there forever.’ It means that even when you have deleted the original posts, there are possibilities that they will stay on the net and you have no control over them.


In the era where social media accounts tell more about our personalities, how should you manage your Facebook account in a bid to land your dream job?


According to the latest Smart Insights report on Global Social Media, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform. With over 1,870 million active users globally, it comes as no surprise that Facebook holds the ruling supreme in the social landscape. Given its prevalent popularity, more people are using Facebook to gather more information about you. Be it your classmates, relatives, admission officers, potential employers, or even prospective business partners, everyone can gain access to your profile, check your timeline posts, and see who you really are.


Needless to say, Facebook has now become an integral part of your job search. While potential employers might not be able to see your private posts, they will gain access to your overall profile and information. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your social account neat and clean from any controversial or inappropriate contents that might burn your opportunities to land a job. Below are things that you should never do on Facebook during your job search:


Things You Should Never Do on Facebook If You Want to Land a Job


1. Complaining about your current job


If there is anything that will stain your personal brand, it will be making negative comments or bad remarks about your current job or previous employers. Be it direct or subtle ones, complaining about your job or boss will make you seen as being ungrateful and unfaithful. Even if you really do feel stressful in your job, you should never vent the frustration on social media as this will only tarnish your reputation.



2. Using profanity


Always keep in mind that your words represent your inner personality. Only from observing someone’s posts and status updates, you will get a picture of what kind of person someone is. Therefore, keep your Facebook clean from swearing words or offensive terms that might hurt others. While minor use of four-letter words is not a crime, you might not want your future employers to see it on your profile.


3. Being reckless


You might think that making typos or wrong grammar on your Facebook updates is not a big deal. The truth is, it does matter. While you think that reckless mistakes such as ignoring the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ is trivial, this will make you look unintelligent and inattentive. Therefore, it is duly noted to always check twice before you post something.



4. Uploading embarrassing photos or videos of others


How would you feel if your friend post embarrassing pictures or videos of yours on Facebook, without your consent? While this might seem like a fun and harmless prank, most people will feel upset being put in such a situation. Be wise before uploading anything on the internet, you should always consider how people will react to it.


5. Displaying illegal or offensive information


Social media can be a great place to build a new network, share opinions, or exchange new ideas. However, you should know the line between what is allowed and prohibited to display on your Facebook. You should never display any illegal information and sensitive remarks such as racism or sexism.