Dig in to some valuable job search information, as well as resources designed to prepare you for every step in your career.

Job seekers and managers looking for the ideal employee often face the same problem: where to find reliable information on the latest trends in the job market and practical advice on recruitment procedures ?


With the expertise of our specialized recruitment consultants, we deliver the secrets of a successful career and optimal recruitment:

  • Once you start a relationship with your recruiter, you’ll no doubt be asking about how long it’s going to take to get results. How long a typical candidate search takes depends on several factors. Although not all agencies follow the same path, at Fischer & Partners Recruitment we follow a particular set of guidelines during candidate searches for our clients. This means that we can deliver an all-around consistent and positive experience.

  • Internet is the new public sphere. Even when you post something and set it in private mode, there are good chances that someone can perform breach of access and use the information against you. The case can get worse, as there is a popular saying that ‘once something is posted on the internet, it will be there forever.’ It means that even when you have deleted the original posts, there are possibilities that they will stay on the net and you have no control over them.

  • No matter what kind of business you work in, how long experience you have and how many recruitment processes you have per year, you will be able to take some small steps that significantly reduce time-to-hire. Maybe it's just a little change or maybe the change involves trying out a new vendor that can provide faster processes.

  • A little psychology can be helpful when you have to endure exhausting people in the workplace. Every job has types that you might not always be able to handle. Energy suckers, maladies, gossipers, and boasters consume resources and overload nerves and coping.

  • Unfortunately, recent social discussions have shown that many employers still have quite a bit to do with successful recruitment communications. In addition to not remembering or understanding job applications, interviewers too often use interrogation tactics instead of interviews.

  • The digital transformation is one of the most current aspects of society. The economy tends for years towards a deep digitalization that bases its activity, all or a very large part, on the Internet and the computer solutions that are associated with the new information and communication technologies.

  • Many are tiringly conscious of building the right CV. I'm writing this sentence because I'm a little jealous because my resume is one that's been created along the way. Some get a CV that shows that they have been at the same workplace throughout their lives, while others have ended up with 10 different employers in 20 years for various reasons. Such a resume scares many who recruit. "We cannot hire this person, he will stop within two years," they would say, then mark the applicant "out of date".

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