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Different Roles That An HR Partner Fills

Different Roles That HR Partner Fills

One common question is: What does an HR partner do? The answer depends on several factors. An HR partner can fill several roles within a company depending on how the assignment looks. We go through some of the most common roles to answer the question: What does an HR partner do to help the company?


Administrative role 


The usual HR department has traditionally filled an administrative role. It includes, among other things, working with payroll management, labor law issues, illnesses, leave as well as handling of contracts, important documents and so on. If something happens within the business, it is also the HR department's job to resolve the conflict and mediate between the parties.


Operational role 


An HR partner can fulfill an operational role, which means that they help to get the daily business to flow as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Here it may be, for example, that your HR partner helps with staffing at work peaks. It can also be about the HR company mapping the operations to analyze and secure key areas. The HR company performs the administrative while also fulfilling the operational role.


Strategic role 


An experienced HR partner can also fulfill a strategic role. This means that they take greater responsibility when it comes to developing the business in the right direction. In many ways, this is one of the most important roles that an HR company can fulfill. It may be that the HR company helps to develop the company's internal competencies, executes the Board's long-term strategies, is responsible for recruiting new staff and so on. The HR department can then help to develop and implement processes and policies that will then shape the rest of the business.


Note that these are examples of different roles that an external HR company can fill. The more responsibility the HR department gets, the more they can influence the business in a positive way. However, it is important to be able to rely on the HR company's expertise and quality, especially if they are to be able to develop the business properly. You can advantageously choose an HR specialist who can fill all the roles.


What does an HR partner do?


As you can see, it depends on what role your HR partner needs to fill. An experienced HR partner can fulfill a number of important roles within a business. In the end, it depends on what it is for the type of business that is conducted and what they need help with. When you hire a partner within HR, you can in some cases cover the entire responsibility or just certain parts of the HR department's normal function.


Find an HR partner for your company


One tip is to turn to an HR specialist who can meet a variety of needs, from pure administrative services to operational and strategic roles. It is not uncommon for a company to start over a limited part of the HR department's services in order to slowly but surely let us take greater responsibility. There are many advantages to having an HR specialist take care of the HR department. It will be much easier, among other things, to focus on the core business, the parts that create value for both the customer and their own company. Contact us at Fischer & Partners if you have more questions about our HR services!