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How To Make An Incentive Program For Employees?

How to make an incentive program for employees

The resignation of talent is a problem that affects many companies, especially SMEs, since most times, multinationals offer not only higher salaries, but the possibility of professional growth and of course, to make a more attractive curriculum. That is why it is essential that companies design incentive programs for their employees, both to recruit and retain talent. In Fischer & Partners Executive Search & Recruitment, we tell you the steps to follow to elaborate it:



Define the type of personnel you need


First of all, you should be clear about the profile that works in your company and what their responsibilities and goals are, only then can you correctly define what you will give them in return.



Offers incentives and benefits


We are not referring to the benefits of the law, we must go one step further. For example, if there is a problem of overweight in the company, you can create a health and nutrition program; If your employees value time with the family, you can balance personal and work life with more flexible schedules.


Remember that these benefits should always be based on the needs of your employees.



Provides facilities to recruited talent


This ranges from the implementation of integration and training workshops to the possibility of conducting preliminary interviews remotely, in case the applicant is in another city. With this, you are demonstrating from the beginning that your company cares about the interests of your workers.



Make your policies more flexible


Having a dress code, strict schedules or restrictions in the work area, are small details that with a little flexibility, will reflect a more open organizational culture and therefore, designed to motivate employees.



Motivate, reward and recognize


Recognizing the efforts of employees publicly is a way of motivating them and the reward should not be precisely monetary. Why not reward the effort with a free afternoon or with the benefits of a company agreement with another company. In short, a rewards program should not represent a large investment of money and resources.


Another aspect to take into account is that not only those who stand out personally should be recognized, but also those who lead their team in the right way.



Form your own talent


Finally, a strategy to recruit young talent is to invest in it from the university. Through a scholarship program or through agreements with universities, to create recruitment channels with the aim of detecting and attracting talent without experience, but to which a professional character based on the company's philosophy can be forged.


In conclusion, we must be aware that talent is scarce and therefore, understand what stimuli it responds to conquer and retain it.