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5 Tips To Keep Your Employees Motivated

5 Tips To Keep Your Employees Motivated

As experts in personnel outsourcing, we know very well the importance of carrying out a correct selection process, to recruit the best candidates. However, a company that does not provide consistency to the hiring of talents, is undoubtedly suffering from leaks. But what do we mean consistently when hiring talents? Because in the same way that a company has expectations about an employee, he also expects something from the company to which he will provide his services. This is where motivation plays a fundamental role. That's why in Fischer & Partners Recruitment & Executive Search we tell you 5 ways to keep your employees constantly motivated:



Prize Policy Implementation


It is not about discovering the black thread, worker awards have always existed: productivity bonuses, physical awards, recognition before other employees, etc. But regardless of the type of award, the really important thing is how to implement it. It is here where managers must find the task or activity in which it is required to motivate the staff and turn it into a competition, where the employee who best performs it wins. Of course, creativity has a fundamental role: creating a point system or a league among workers will make it even more interesting.



Convert the work environment into a community


There was a time when banning the use of social networks was for productivity. Nowadays social networks must be seen as another tool within the company. Using them to create an active community of workers is a way of encouraging teamwork. How? Imagine a Facebook or WhatsApp group, where the individual and collective achievements of the workers are shown, where there is a follow-up of the tasks of other colleagues, with the possibility of sharing ideas focused on problem-solving.



Creation of a promotion program


A company can't promote its employees constantly, also, it is often necessary to bring people from outside to bring new blood to the company. However, one way to keep the staff motivated is through the application of promotions, where aspects such as seniority, productivity, and contributions to the company are taken into account.





The premise that an employee charges the same by being highly productive than if he fulfills his activities, is undoubtedly a demotivating factor for a certain worker profile. Fortunately, there will always be employees who give their best. However, a company that shares its profits with the workers, encourages each of them to give a plus in their tasks.



Make your facilities less rigid


An employee who feels comfortable physically and mentally during work hours increases the quality of his work. With this, we are not saying that the office should be full of colors and distracting, but it has to adopt a more emotional current with the workers. Advertising agencies are a clear example, in them, it is possible to find ping pong tables, comfortable armchairs, video game consoles, etc. In this way, the office becomes an environment of socialization where not only one goes for a salary.


Of course, having this type of creational facilities within an office goes hand in hand with a change in the company's philosophy, where the important thing is not the time worked, but the objectives that are met.


In conclusion, motivating our employees is the complement of hiring. If our employees were customers, the motivation would be as an after-sales service, where the goal is to keep the customer pleased to continue with us. If you have doubts about how to maximize human resources in your company you can contact us now.