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How Do You Become The Ideal Candidate For Your Dream Job

How To Become The Ideal Candidate For Your Dream Job

If you have an interview with a recruiter, know that the employer mainly wants to know your added value as a candidate for the organization. Whatever they ask, what matters is whether your experience, motivation, and personality will help them further.

If you can't convince the employer that you can solve their "problem," then you simply won't get the job. If you convince the employer that you are the right candidate, they will likely invite you for a follow-up round. If you assure them that you can meet their underlying needs, chances are you will get an offer.

In a job interview, it is therefore not only important that your experience, motivation, and personality match the job, but that you know what the 'underlying needs' of the employer are and then translate it into the belief that you are the right person for this.

The example of the drill applies here. People don't want to buy a drill, and they want a hole in the wall. The bottom line is, what do they need that hole for? So that they can attach or hang something, that is the underlying need. To find out the interviewer's underlying and needs, you need proper preparation, great self-knowledge, the right questioning technique, and courage.


It starts with your preparation. You delve into history, customers, employees, competitors, and the organization's social and economic context. Get a picture of the environment and culture of the organization. It requires homework, but it is well worth it if you want the job you are applying for.


Make sure you have a good idea of ​​your skills, experience, and talents. Your expertise is partly reflected in your CV. Self-knowledge starts with accepting as you are, recognizing your qualities, abilities, own possibilities, and impossibilities. Everyone has different talents and learns differently. Know your talents. For example, are you empathetic, analytical, creative, energetic, or decisive?


Make sure you not only answer the interviewer's questions but also use the interview to ask your questions. To find out what the underlying need is. Do not hesitate to show what your added value is.

In summary, a job interview is about three things: experience (can you do it?), Motivation (do you want it?) And personality (does your personality fit and is it fun to work with you?). If the answer to these three questions is a resounding "yes," then it must be crazy if you don't want to get your dream job.

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