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Salary Expectations For Job Search

Salary Expectations For Job Search

Addressing your wage request is one of the most difficult stages of finding a job. Former outplacement consultant, who works in the recruitment industry, shares her best tips for wage negotiations. Hundreds of job seekers have been consulted with the same guidelines, and if followed well, the wage request has come to an amazing level.

Consider explicitly excluding an exact salary request, even if explicitly requested.

If there are a large number of applications, the employer will always automatically and subconsciously seek the easiest grounds for rejection, to reduce the heavy workload of applications. The easiest criterion to qualify is the salary expectations. By looking at a single figure, the employer can see if the applicant is qualified or insufficient in resources for the job he or she is considering.

What is the Right Wage Desire?

Whenever an employer goes out to hire a new person, the pay fork is thought of according to the level of the job being done. For example, the salary range can be between THB 30,000 and THB 50,000. Your risk as an applicant is that you are misjudging this payroll. At first, glance, if you make a low salary request, you will be disqualified. If, on the other hand, you make too high a salary wish, you will fall out of the job.

The best practice is to leave out your wage request in numbers. Just write down what you want: "I hope this application leads to an interview that can go through the job and discuss pay."

If you know the salary range with certainty, you should never set a salary request slidingly, for example between THB 35,000 and THB 40,000 or even equal to USD 1,000. A sliding wish always means you are ready to work for that $ 35,000, and you certainly won't get any more. The desire for equal money is far too loose in a negotiated situation and represents a fair margin for the employer. For example, salary requests like 36,000, 42,500 or 47,500 baht are good. They sound like you know your value, and such a precise amount of baht can be negotiated in the least.

Payments on a commission

If you are asked for a salary request for a job that is performance-based or commission-based, do not express a direct salary request. It tells you that you don't know enough about the job, because you can't make an exact salary request for a commission. The question of wage desire in commission-paid work can be answered as follows:

  • If somebody is doing the job I am looking for very well, what is his/her earnings level?

  • How much does the average type earn?

  • What is the basis for such an average level? This question gives you an idea of how much you need to sell or what your basic salary is, and what percentage of your sales will be commissioned. After that, one can begin to assess whether one can achieve either top or even average goals.

  • How long does it usually take to start earning well and get to those top earnings?

  • When I'm coming from outside the industry, whether to agree that, during the running-in period (4-6 months), I can get a fixed salary?

After the interview, write down all the answers you have received and the reasons quickly, and then consider whether you can achieve sales results that you can earn satisfactorily. There is usually a high turnover rate in commission jobs: many people come and leave, so there are open positions.

There is a risk to success and your income may not be stable, at least not in the early stages of your employment. On the other hand, finding good products and a fair payroll will give you better earnings than you could ever get in a paid job. However, you should never go into sales if you do not believe in this product like a buck in its horns. Nobody buys anything if the seller does not believe in what they are selling.