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How to answer: "What is your greatest strength?"

How to answer: “What is your greatest strength?

"What is your greatest strength?" may seem like one of the easier job interview questions you'll be asked. But for many candidates, it can be tricky—either they're too modest in their response or they fail to highlight on-target strengths. 


After all, the main reason interviewers ask this question is to identify if your strengths align with the needs of the company and the job's responsibilities. The company wants to learn whether you're a good fit for the role you're interviewing for. Your response will help the employer decide whether or not you are the strongest applicant for the position. That means if you're applying for an accounting job, it's not helpful to highlight your strength in event organization.


When you are asked questions about your strengths, discuss attributes that will best qualify you for the specific job and set you apart from the other candidates. It's critical to show the interviewer that you have the qualities the employer is seeking. There are some strengths that all employers seek in the candidates they hire. Others will be specific to the job and the company.


The video below is how to answer interview questions about your greatest strength.