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"Why do you want to work for us?" How do you cleverly answer this question?

The question of why you want to work with a specific company is one of the hardest things to do in a job interview. But it is also the question where you can really score with your answer. Here are some tips on what your counterpart wants to hear from you and what does not. Plus, with the top 5 worst answers, you'll get a clear idea of how to get the answers right in the interview.



"Why do you want to work for us?" How do you cleverly answer this question?


A job interview is a challenging situation for many of us. Since you have actually more than you should write in the application and the CV. And then you have to go one step further and convince another human being. That is not easy.


When the notorious question "Why do you want to work for us?" comes around the corner, it is about the self-confidence of many candidates in the job interview. Why do you want to work for us? Seriously? Otherwise, you would not sit in the interview in exactly this company and certainly would have written no application. But as you can probably imagine, such answers are not the best idea. Because behind the question "why do you want to work for us?" Is more than you think.

With the right preparation, you can give an answer that will convince everyone all along.


Why is the question "why do you want to work for us?" In a job interview unsettled?

You know for sure that this question is not the most pleasant part of the job interview. But why is that? Why do you automatically hesitate to answer this question? The reason is simple. As you and your interlocutor know, this is certainly not your only application. On average, job seekers who are actively looking for a job write about 40 applications. 


Of course, there will not be a job interview every time you apply. But the chance of you having to answer the question of "Why do you want to work for us?" More than once to a company's HR specialist is pretty high.


Many applicants now intuitively suspect that the answers are about assuring that you absolutely do not want to work anywhere else. And that's a bit tricky if you've also told the 10 companies before. Your conversation partner is not about to check your loyalty. It's about being able to identify with the goals and structures of the company where your potential new job would be.

"Why do you want to work with us?" So you can honestly answer with a clear conscience.



What is the question "Why do you want to work for us?" aiming at?


As you have just read, the question "Why do you want to work for us?" Is primarily about how you identify with the company. Your interviewer tries to find out in the job interview not only how you are on it, but also whether you have dealt with the job.


After all, it is about finding a person who is satisfied with the advertised job. And for that, they need to know if the candidate in the job interview has a clear idea of the day-to-day work and the responsibility of the position and the job.


The question of the recruiter is: why working with us is so important to you, also gives you the opportunity to emphasize that the offer is not just an interim solution or an emergency. From the company's point of view, it is very important to check whether there are genuine interest and motivation, or whether it is just a job interview from many. So it's worth taking the fifth job interview as if it were your only one.



What you should answer the question "Why do you want to work for us?". And what not.


You now have an idea of why the most feared question of all job interviews is actually not that bad. And what's on the side of the company and actually behind it.


Let us now turn to the most important part. What do you answer now? Of course, that depends on the situation and the job. Moreover, opinions differ on the perfect answer. Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should definitely keep in mind when formulating your answer:


  • What fascinates you especially about the company you are currently sitting in the job interview? Every company has its own characteristics. It is important to find out and use it correctly.


  • If you already have contact with company employees and liked what they told you, now is the time to mention it. There is little more that can impress the HR Manager than existing contact.


  • Information about the right answer can give you the job description of the job. What is different than in other company? And why you are so well suited to the job?


  • Remember the moment when you have decided to apply for the job. What is the decisive factor to apply for this position? There you have your argument.


These ideas are ways to give an honest and convincing answer. But there are also a few stumbling blocks. They are not directly recognizable. Therefore, here are two examples, after which you prefer not to phrase your answer in the interview:


  • There are people who have the skills to look at the big picture. That's great. But not with this question. Here you are also allowed to go into details. The company has five employees on your team and you like small groups? Tell us frankly and honestly why that suits you.


  • If you're dissatisfied with your current job and the new company does a lot better, it's no reason to stamp your current employer in the ground. Focus on the opportunities offered by the new company and the new job.



Bonus: the top 5 worst answers to the question "Why do you want to work for us?"


You sit in the interview and realize that you definitely can not work in this company? Just use one of the following examples and you can be sure to never hear from this company again!


1. Why do I want to work for you? First, answer me about why I should work for you!

2. I like your vacation and sick leave much better than with my old company.

3. You are in contact with the company XY. I always wanted to work there.

4. So I just googled your business. There was something of a good cafeteria for the employees.

5. Why do I want to work for you? What's the name of the company again?