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Job: Go Where You Are Valued!

Job: Go Where You Are Valued

How do I find the right job? This is what many job applicants ask themselves. It's not easy. After all, employers only show their good side at first. Finding a job that suits you is often only revealed at the job itself or during the probationary period. However, there is one factor that you should never neglect, and that is one of the most important for all employees: Appreciation.

Finding a job: a parable about appreciation

Below story shows how important it is to work for an employer for whom recognition and appreciation in the job are valued:

A father gives his daughter a car at the end of the course. He bought the car years ago and kept it for this moment. Before he gives it to his daughter, however, she has to complete a task. The father says to her: "I was very happy about your success, and I have been waiting for it for a long time. Before you own the car, I ask you to take it to a car dealer, pawnbroker, and automobile club. They should tell you how much it is worth. "

The daughter fulfills the request and comes back completely puzzled: "The dealer didn't want to give me more than 100,000 baht for the car because it was very old. In the pawnshop, they offered me even less than 20,000 baht. The car was utterly worn out and outdated, they said. However, in the automobile club, they said that the car was worth more than 2,500,000 baht because it is a rare classic car. "

The father smiles and says: "Not only does the car belong to you now - you also learned an important lesson today: If you are in the wrong place, your true worth will not be recognized. You should neither be in such a place nor sell yourself, your ideas, and your workforce there. Always go where your potential is recognized, and you are valued! "