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10 Things That Unprofessional Recruiters Do

10 Things That Unprofessional Recruiters Do

How to recognize an unprofessional recruiter.


FP Executive Search believes that such recruiters exist because there are no barriers to entering the profession of a freelance recruiter. Anyone who has a telephone and the Internet can call himself a recruiter and begin to introduce himself to candidates. Therefore, the profession does not have the coolest reputation.


And this is very unfair. Along with such reputation, there are brilliant professional recruiters who do everything possible and even more to arrange their candidates for the dream job. As in any business, there are more bad specialists than good ones, but they spoil the reputation of everyone.


Here are 10 things that immediately give away an unprofessional or unethical recruiter. Observe how that person behaves.


10 taboos for recruiters:


1. Interrogate the candidate by phone


A professional recruiter will start by finding out your goals and priorities before asking the first question about a candidate’s professional skills and experience. And she definitely won’t conduct a conversation so that she would like to make excuses or snapback.


2. Interested in the salary of the candidate


Only unethical and unprofessional recruiters can afford to be interested in the current or past income of a candidate. Some even require this information. A strong candidate knows what the market needs, and after such a question he will simply interrupt with a recruiter, and therefore with your company. The right question is how much money a person wants to earn. A competent recruiter will ask about financial goals for six months, a year and several years. And in return, he will honestly tell you how much the employer expects and what the income from this job will consist of - whether there is an official salary, are there bonuses and bonuses, how often is indexation carried out, does the company have a clear system of profit and growth.


3. To ask the candidate to throw off the resume without explaining what is happening and what vacancy is open.


Some unethical recruiters seek by any means to gain a resume base to spam employers with them in the hope of receiving a new order. Sometimes it works, but the candidate will not like it if they call him with job offers that he did not ask anyone for. Collecting such a database is like buying emails or phone numbers. It is unethical and almost useless. Yes, a good recruiter has a resume base, but relations with each of the candidates should be attached to such a base.


4. Criticize the candidate’s experience


A little more about the way to communicate. If a recruiter has studied the candidate’s profile on a social network and he didn’t like the experience, why call at all? Unethical candidates try to undermine the candidate’s self-confidence to act as the drowning person’s only hope.


5. Require to fill out some forms


Professional recruiters use open information that the applicant places about themselves in social networks, and they learn important details when they meet in person. Bad recruiters will send the candidate a form and ask them to fill out. By the way, they can also send the employer such a form that he filled the vacancy. This is a bad decision because it is the recruiter who needs to understand what information is important to get from both sides to bring the ideal candidate to the job of his dreams. The job of the recruiter is to help the employer and the applicant to reveal their strengths as best as possible and to correct mistakes in vacancies and resumes that can ruin everything. You cannot reveal such nuances in a standard form.


6. Disappear


An unprofessional recruiter accepts the task from the employer and disappears. If the selection is difficult, it may take a week or two, before a suitable candidate is found, he will be interested and agree to come to discuss the work. This is normal. Not normal - all this time to be silent. A professional will keep you up to date with work, and will not wait for the weather by the sea, but will offer you new ways to search or come up together how to change the starting conditions for selection. The same thing on the part of the candidate. A weak recruiter contacts the candidate, promises to give feedback from the employer and disappears. They might not give him a second chance.


7. Schedule interviews without coordinating the time with all participants


"Congratulations! You have an interview on Friday.This is not the best news for the candidate, especially if it arrives on Wednesday evening. Yes, and the employer will not like this - active business people plan their time. Agree on a convenient time with the client. And ask if it is convenient for the candidate


8. Bring non-motivated candidates for an interview


A good recruiter does not want to waste the time of the client, the candidate, and his own on obviously unsuccessful interviews. A bad recruiter drives everyone to interview to create the appearance of work and hopes that the employer himself will motivate a person who relies on something else. Professionally, completely.


9. Ask everyone to moderate their appetites


10 years ago, when Nedchanok herself was in an active job search, she noticed that the aggressive recruiters, whom she sometimes encountered, always wanted to force her to lower her expectations and push her salary. This is a frequent trick of dishonest recruiters - to make a person believe that he is not a very strong candidate, in the assumption that he will grab the first suitable job, and the recruiter will close the deal. The flip side of this approach to business is a recruiter who convinces the employer that there are 5 strong candidates in the market and there’s no one to choose from anyway.


10. Do not respect people, their needs and capabilities


Life experience will always help us distinguish a friendly person who treats us with calm respect from someone who neglects your needs, believes that he knows your business better than you and does not delve into the task.


This can be seen in the correspondence, but the best thing is to talk to the person who will represent you in the job market, by phone or Skype. Get to know and make sure that you want to work with this specialist. Listen to intuition and read reviews about the work of a recruiter - online platforms that care about the level of their specialists will provide an opportunity to leave a review.


When choosing an outsourcing recruiter, pay attention to his reputation:


  • contact his past customers and employers,

  • look for reviews online

  • Pay attention to his ratings on professional sites.


Do not trust the company name. A bigger Recruitment Agency does not mean they have better recruiters- choose recruiters on Fischer & Partners Executive Search & Recruitment.

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