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How Do You Attract Passive Candidates?

How do you attract passive candidates?

Some of the very best candidates for your position are probably already employed elsewhere. Something that is not very strange. It is unlikely that the best and most qualified talents will sit on the fence to wait very long. But just because the dream candidates work somewhere else doesn't mean you can't make an effort to win them over to you. But be prepared that they are discerning with where they choose.


According to a study, 90% of the world's working people are interested in hearing about other job opportunities, but only a third are actively looking.


So how are you going to get these candidates to get your eyes on you? Here are some suggestions:



Be visible


Your business must be visible through promotional activities, branding activities and the like. If you are not exposed to passive candidates, they will not look for positions with you or set aside any time you call them. If they know their company from the past, you already have the advantage of continuing discussions and a better opportunity to lure them into an interview. According to the survey as mentioned above, 66% of those who switched jobs were known to the new employer before they applied. So do not underestimate the effect of recruitment marketing.



Be social


Social media is a perfect place to show off. The internet never sleeps, so at the time you do not work, their online presence will constantly represent you. So Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are not only great places to build networks, but also perfect places to share the content you create and share with the outside world.





The more potential candidates who see their ads, the greater the chance that the proportion of good candidates seeking will increase. SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key factor that will help your ads become more visible in Internet search. An important part of SEO is the use of keywords, both positive and negative. SEO is an important aspect to get people aware of your ads. Here you should try to steer clear of clichés and so-called buzzwords. Another important factor to consider is adapting the content of the ad to attract the passive candidates you are trying to reach.



Career Site


If passive candidates first find their way to your home page, it is important that it is easy for them to find the career site. It should preferably be as clear as a call in the tone "see how it is to work with us" or the like. The chance that they click in is bigger if the link is on the front page than they should press two and three times to find it. Once they have clicked in, the content must be of value to a potential candidate and give a picture of what it is like to work with you. From that perspective, a career site is a perfect place to market a brand and attract new talents.



Referral program for employees


A referral program is beneficial for all parties. It will pay off for you as an employer because you get the opportunity to reach your employees' professional networks. The employee is rewarded with a form of financial compensation when the recommended candidate is employed. This strategy can be very effective in attracting passive candidates because employees are most likely to cite former colleagues or friends who are already in work. The quality of this type of candidate will be higher since the employees most likely will suggest whether candidates they believe can perform well in the position.