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The Best Way To Speed Up The Recruitment Process

The Best Way To Speed Up The Recruitment Process

An average hiring process takes 39 days, while the best candidates are out of the job market in just ten days. The recruitment process is getting longer, as several vacancies require highly qualified staff, and these positions usually require a longer and more in-depth screening process.


Demand for highly qualified workers is increasing while the recruitment base is diminishing, so the battle for talents is getting harder. For recruiters and businesses, it is, therefore, more important than ever to act quickly. Otherwise, they risk losing their ideal employees. Faced with this new challenge, we have to ask ourselves the question: How can we speed up the recruitment process?



What is it that takes that time?


Let us first look at what can stand in the way of a quick recruitment process. We understand that one cannot easily decide to hire a new employee. Good hiring decisions take time. However, there may be specific factors in the hiring process that act as brake pads, such as:


1. The old principle of "hiring slowly is kicking fast"


As a recruiter, you have probably supported this thinking many times. It may sound logical to anyone: Hiring slowly means taking the time to familiarize yourself with the candidates, sift out unmotivated candidates, and hire the best person, right? But in reality, this does more harm than good. Slow recruitment irritates people, and most candidates will not wait, as they have other opportunities.


This is especially the case for requested candidates. If you take a good time, you lose many candidates and are left with weak candidates and a bad candidate experience. So, if you haven't already done so, it's time to get rid of "employing slow" thinking and changing the way you look at recruitment.


2. Routine tasks


Boring routine tasks such as scheduling interviews or answering repeated questions from candidates are probably something you recognize. Automating these tasks can save you a lot of time that you can spend on more important tasks, such as interviewing applicants or developing an employer profiling strategy. Here, chatbots can help.


3. Complicated screening processes


When looking for the right employee, it is very important to find out if the candidates fit into the corporate culture and have the right personality. Sometimes this is even more important than the candidates' skills and qualifications. Therefore, recruiters around the world use screening methods such as group presentations, IQ tests, and personality tests. By using one of these methods once during the recruitment process, you can get a glimpse of how the candidates fit the team and position. If, on the other hand, you use these methods several times during the process - in addition to other, more common screening methods such as phone interviews and reference control - they will probably act as brake pads, annoy the candidates and make it even harder to make a decision since you have way too much information about each candidate.


If you go to LinkedIn or an almost any other social medium, you come across candidates who express frustration with recruitment processes involving multiple stages. In addition to the time spent, the stress is related to waiting and going through tests after tests which bring an unpleasant experience for many candidates.


4. Too many balls in the air


When you are overworked, the hiring process naturally slows down. Too often, recruiters are forced to handle more vacancies than they have the capacity, and that can lead to poor decisions.



So what's the solution? Pre-recorded video interviews


Yes, that's right. Pre-recorded video interviews are the best way to speed up your hiring process. Here's how:


1. Forget about coordinated schedules


The schedule can be a logistical nightmare, but with pre-recorded video interviews, you get rid of it - and this is the main reason why video interviews turn phone interviews off. Record video interview questions and give candidates a deadline, so they can choose when and where to record their answers.


2. Meet the person behind the CV


One picture indeed says more than a thousand words. A video can tell you much more about a person than a written resume. By asking the right questions, you can identify and evaluate the candidates' harsh and soft skills and assess their personality. Needless to do more tests during the hiring process - the only thing you need is a good video interview! This way you can halve the time you spend on the screening process and face-to-face interviews.


3. Save time on reporting and communication


The hiring process involves several key people - candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers - and it's important that they communicate with each other about the process. Such communication can quickly become chaotic and time-consuming, but it does not have to be so. With video interviews, you and your team - instead of sending emails or messages to everyone involved in the process - you can see the candidates' responses, re-check them, write notes, and post comments that are visible to the others. This makes the process much more organized and transparent.



Other benefits: Better candidate experience and employer profiling


Video is a fantastic solution that gives the candidates a clear idea of who you are as an employer. You can use video to showcase your corporate culture and build a solid brand as an employer, helping you recruit the best talent. The candidate study for 2019 showed that candidates experience companies that use modern recruitment methods such as video interviews, is innovative and attractive. We also saw that 83 percent of the candidates are happy with their video interview experience. This is important to emphasize since 80 to 90 percent of the talents can change their perception of a role or business based on their candidate experience.


Video interviews can greatly shorten your hiring process, provide you with a good selection of attractive applicants, and help you find the right candidates faster.