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Diversity Is Wealth In The Workplace

Diversity Is Wealth In The Workplace

Human diversity is a topic that you come across everywhere. When applying for a job, the applicant contemplates his or her distinguishing ability from the mass of other applicants and considers what kind of work community or job he or she is applying for or not based on his or her skills and aptitudes.


Recruiters are looking for the good type that suits the organization, either because of its similarity or because of its complementary, enabling diversity. Work communities enjoy new perspectives on diversity or may be frustrated by differences in interaction and practice in conflict situations. Is difference a source of wealth or wealth?


Lately, there has been much talk about extroverts and introverts in the work community, but there are other dimensions to looking at natural ways of doing things that are reflected in everyday behavior in the form of individual behaviors. One makes decisions based on logic and causal analysis, the other in the same situation primarily considers people's values, emotions, and the need to understand what's in it for me.


Some of us approach things through the big picture of the forest, but not the trees in the forest, while others approach things through the trees, that is, the details and the concrete. Being organized and attuned to plans and schedules is also a significant factor, which is reflected in the challenges of co-operation at home and work. These variations between the extremes of the scale produce many interesting coffee table discussions, or, to say the least, many tensions or controversies. What is the correct course of action? And who bends and flexes with their style?


There is no one right way to be and act, but we need an appropriate amount of diversity within the work community that brings multi-perspectives and a wealth of ways of working to enable common development. By recruiting or applying for a similar job as before, we are reinforcing the existing one, while engaging in new situations and operating environments or hiring a new type of factor with different skills and ways of doing things can help us find a new start. Of course, the latter also requires courage and readiness to face the bigger and smaller places of common wonder arising from diversity.


By exploring different ways to connect through interaction and collaboration, we can find and create a new common ground for action. Alongside diversity, it is also good to recognize the similarity and unifying factor that can be found even in common interests, values or common goals. It is through this similarity that common ground can be found from which, enriched by diversity, we can develop cooperation further.


By knowing ourselves and our behavior, each of us, in our situation, can either seek the familiar and natural co-operation of similarity or challenge ourselves to consciously evolve toward something new inappropriate steps. In the work community, mutual discussion on diversity and its meanings enables the co-development of fruitful practices and the utilization of different skills and strengths. Natural tendency analysis is one option that supports both of these ways of development and progression. Showing mutual respect and respect and taking both spiritual and tangible steps toward each other is an everyday opportunity for each of us to promote cooperation where all parties are in a win-win situation.