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3 Reasons Why It Is Worthwhile For A Recruiter To Work With The Marketer

3 Reasons Why It Is Worthwhile For A Recruiter To Work With The Marketer

Recruitment is both brand and tactical marketing: you want to attract interest in the company to a certain target group and also to get action in the same target group.


We find no reason why marketers and recruiters should not join forces - on the contrary, here are three reasons why it is worth doing so.



1. Reach your target audience in the right channels


Recruiters generally know their target audience very carefully, which is particularly important for the marketer these days: the more specific the target audience is, the better results are usually achieved and search firing is avoided. Marketers also have a good knowledge of channels where different target audiences are worth reaching for. When the two are combined, we are pretty far advanced.



2. Talking Content


It is the job of marketers to create engaging and inspirational content that leads to action - again, the strength of the recruiter lies in the profound knowledge of the target audience. The perfect combination of effective recruitment communications, therefore! Knowing what types of content are best suited to the needs of your target audience can make the most of recruitment communications and employer image campaigns.



3. Campaign measurable results


Because not all recruiting companies have such a strong employer brand to support their recruitment, messages often need advertising support to reach the desired target audience. It is no longer a good idea to blindly trust that the desired target group is reached by publishing a job announcement on a job listing service and sharing a job in Thailand - especially for passive job seekers who are not constantly following up on vacancies. Even light social advertising, which marketers do, is already getting much better results, so it is worthwhile investing in recruiting to get the results out of it.