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Make Your Employees The Best Ambassadors Of Your Brand

Employee advocacy is a real strategy for companies to heal their reputation, boost their visibility and reputation by making their employees genuine ambassadors of the brand.



What is employee advocacy?


Employee advocacy, or employee ambassadors, is a social media strategy that involves transforming employees into brand ambassadors.


Its main objective is to encourage employees of the company to relay the content of the brand, mainly on their own social networks. These are considered as acquisition levers (talents, prospects, etc.) on which the employer relies to achieve its objectives. By regularly publishing quality content, employees interact with a community and create commitment (likes, sharing of publications, comments, contacts, etc.). In fact, by sharing content on their social networks, employees get their contacts, people whom the employer often does not have access to and who are so many prospects, future customers or candidates at hand. These are the actions that will impact the visibility of the brand and participate in the growth of the company.


Employees also allow companies to gain credibility. Their opinions are considered more reliable and more trustworthy than those of a CEO. Thus, your content should be shared by your employees rather than by the different channels of your brand.


Finally, employee advocacy increases the probability of recruiting the best candidates. If we compare two similar positions in two different companies, the structure whose employees extol merit on social networks will make candidates more eager to join than the one nobody talks about.


A strategy of employee ambassadors makes it possible to achieve many objectives: improvement of the employer brand, better visibility, increased sales, etc.



How to convince its employees to become ambassadors of the brand?


Here are some ways to develop an employee advocacy strategy:


  • Trust your employees

  • Offer them a pleasant work environment, interesting assignments and independence to make them feel good and want to talk about your brand

  • Put guidelines in place to help them use social media and encourage them to post content about your business. Inform them of the contents available so that they can relay them on their social networks

  • Train your employees on your brand: its history, values, etc.

  • Create newsletters from which they can share the latest content of your business on social networks

  • Choose a few employee ambassadors who will convince others

  • Show them that they have value and that their commitment creates a real impact

  • Offer a cooptation program to encourage them to offer you CVs and help you recruit. It's a great way to get your employees to become brand ambassadors and reward their efforts.


An employee advocacy strategy can increase visibility, attract more leads and create more leads by benefiting from the network of employees, reducing the costs of its social networking strategy, etc. Well built, it will help you achieve your HR, marketing and financial goals!