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5 Factors To Weigh In When Looking For Recruitment Companies in Bangkok & Jakarta

5 Factors To Weigh In When Looking For Recruitment Companies in Bangkok & Jakarta

In some industries, it is difficult to find the right skills, especially in Bangkok, Jakarta and other major cities where the competition for the labor force can be very tough. In the ongoing boom, many companies want to hire. Are you one of the companies who have problems finding staff who live up to your expectations? Here are 5 factors that should be considered when choosing an HR partner.

1. Time and resources for self-recruiting

Recruiting can be a process that is both resource and time-consuming. Especially if you do not have your HR department who are specialists in managing the recruitment process or if you have no experience internally. With a recruitment company in Bangkok & Jakarta as a partner, you have very great opportunities to find the candidate that is most suitable for the service.

2. Special areas within recruitment companies

Some recruitment companies specialize in specific areas, such as IT or finance. This is often because the recruitment company has particularly good relations or good reputation in a particular industry. If you do not have specialist knowledge in the area or feel that you do not reach the target group for job seekers you are looking for, a recruitment company is a right way. Recruitment companies often have extensive experience and are good at finding the right skills regardless of which industry you are in. For companies seeking recruitment, time is an important factor. By hiring a recruitment company in Bangkok or Jakarta, you can find the right staff faster and more efficient than if you start a recruitment process yourself.

3. Candidates registration

Thanks to our register of candidates, the probability is great that we have the expertise available that you are looking for. This makes the recruitment process faster and considerably much smoother for your company. Thanks to our records, we can find staff with specific cutting-edge expertise, such as CEOs, management consultants or staff for administrative tasks. The essence is about finding the right skills and personality for the right assignment.

4. Increased range

As a recruitment company, we have mentioned a candidate register with many different competencies. If we do not have the appropriate competences in our records, we have the tools and assets to reach a large audience with potential candidates. Therefore, chances are that we can quickly find one or more candidates who meet your criteria even if we do not have the candidate in our records themselves.

5. Well-proven selection process

To find the right skills and the right person, we have a well-proven selection process that ensures that you are matched with the right people. The selection process is based on criteria from both you, the employer and for the candidate seeking work. A process is also a tool for sorting out people who do not live up to your requirements or have the experience you require.

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