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Therefore, You Should Hire A Professional Consulting Company

Therefore, You Should Hire A Professional Consulting Company

The concept of a consultant is aimed at a person who is highly qualified in one or more areas. This person is hired by companies to advise, perform analyzes, or otherwise assist with the management of a business. It is an external party that can not only contribute to its competence but also with a new perspective. Usually, a consultant is hired to solve one or more specific problems. A professional consulting company provides one or more consultants whose experiences and competencies can be invaluable for companies.



That's why we are one of Thailand's best consulting companies


An important part of our business is based on analyzing the customers' needs and fulfilling these needs in the best possible way. This, in turn, is based on our ability to understand what the customer is looking for, how their business looks and exactly how we can solve these needs. In practice, these solutions can look in many different ways, customer needs can nevertheless differ a great deal based on industry, company size and, not least, the specific need. However, we are proud to be able to say that we have learned something both over the years. Our quest to find the best solutions for our customers is a contributing factor to our success over the years.


A large part of our business is based on offering complete HR solutions. We are one of Thailand's best consulting companies and also one of the oldest. As an HR consulting company, we can facilitate many parts of the HR work. We can also take over the department altogether, ensure that it is run in the best possible way, develop it together with the rest of the customer's business and ensure that the work stations are always staffed with the right staff and a proportionate workforce. Always following what the customer wants and needs.


This differentiates us from other HR consulting companies


We are well aware of the various challenges facing both our customers and ourselves, especially when it comes to HR issues. Since the start in the end-2010s, we have developed several services to tackle these challenges in the best possible way. As an authorized staffing agency and recruitment company, we can fulfill all kinds of needs, from direct and short-term assignments to long-term comprehensive solutions and collaborations.


Hire an effective workforce directly


Some work posts must always be manned. This applies largely to the HR department. Problems can quickly arise if areas such as wage management, contract law, work environment issues and so on become paused because no qualified personnel are in place. Staffing is a service that is always aimed at staffing these important work items with the right staff. Of course, we can also staff other departments, from the warehouse and reception to the customer support and much more. A great advantage of this service is that it enables our customers to quickly bring in temporary staff, something that there is a great need for at work peaks.


Find staff that fit the company's services and needs


Another important service we offer is our recruitment service. The assignment is simple but the methods are much more advanced. Recruitment is to help companies find staff that is suitable for both the work tasks, the need and also the corporate culture. A large part of the work involves analyzing the customer's needs and assessing which of the job seekers will be best suited for the job. Subsequently, advertising, analyzes and several interviews are performed, all to find some excellent candidates that the customer can choose from.


We also help employees seek jobs more efficiently because we can match their skills, experiences, and personalities with the right employer. Many job seekers register their CV in our database, job seekers who we can then match with the right potential employer. Last but not least, we can also help the current workforce with career development.



Regular recruitment and other HR services 


Some companies are developing and expanding at a furious pace. To keep up with the expansion, they need to be able to focus on the core business without letting other important areas fall behind. One way to streamline the business is by hiring us as an HR partner. The solution itself varies depending on the need, but generally, it is about taking more responsibility, perhaps even taking over the HR department altogether. It, therefore, becomes our responsibility to ensure that the HR services can cope with the new, greater need. Part of our tasks when we take over an HR department is to be responsible for the recruitment.


All this work requires a large dose of trust on the part of the customer. We are a good consulting company in Bangkok that is authorized both in staffing and recruitment. The organization places high demands on the authorized members and these requirements are checked regularly to ensure that all members maintain the highest possible level. Some examples of the requirements are that the authorized company must have an orderly economy, follow collective agreements in the specific areas and that they must have a liability insurance.


Management consultant - an important advisor to the board 


The management consultant's role at different companies is varied, but with a clear red thread. The consultant is considered to be essential for the specific assignment, which is usually about helping the board make better decisions. A management consultant can work with both strategic and operational issues. For the most part, these consultants are both generalists and specialists, all in the same package. It may be that the consultant has a lot of experience in business, e-commerce or HR issues, while they are specialists in IT systems, PR or something completely different. Worth mentioning that the management consultant has a strictly advisory role and is not expected to make any direct decisions. It is easy to confuse the consultant's important role with the role that an interim manager fulfills.



Contact a professional HR partner today


There are many benefits to hiring an HR partner that you can rely on, not least because an HR partner can fill many different types of roles within one business. If you have a company that grows, it is time to start making the company more efficient. A good start is just the HR department. It does not always have to mean that we take over the entire department, in many cases, it suffices excellently that we handle the work that the current department does not have time for. In time enough, cooperation can grow or be integrated into the core business.


We are ready to tackle all kinds of challenges, from HR-related assignments to clean recruitments, staffing assignments and much more. Do as many companies have done before you and contact us. We are happy to listen to what you need and we will at least take one or more suitable solutions. Whether your company is operating in Bangkok, Samutprakarn, Nonthaburi, Samutsakorn, Pathumthani, Ayuttaya, Saraburi, Chachoengsao, Chonburi, Rayong,  or nearby cities, we can help.