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Marketing Tricks That Will Help Your Recruitment Processes

Marketing Tricks That Will Help Your Recruitment Processes

In a perfect world, HR and Marketing work closely together in all recruitment processes, and each job announcement results in many well-qualified candidates. Unfortunately, we are not living in a perfect world, and it is rare for the marketing to become involved when recruiting. Fortunately, marketing efforts are not reserved for marketers, but if you are willing to read a little further, I will give you some tips from the inside.



Go from outbound to inbound recruitment


Just to make one thing clear, inbound recruitment is not the same as internal recruitment. However, it is about how the business attracts candidates for vacancies. Most people work for an outbound methodology, where a standardized job advertisement is sent to the masses, and the recruiter has little or no control over the process until the application deadline has expired and one is left with a random number of applicants.


The inbound methodology is a person-oriented process, where the recruiter creates content tailored to a defined ideal candidate (audience) and ensures that only qualified people are exposed to the ads. The goal is for the process to be perceived as relevant and personal so that both active and passive candidates apply for the position. Typically, you will be left with fewer candidates, but the people will be better qualified for the position.


As modern marketers have realized that it is smart to think about their customers' buying process over the sales process, recruiters can benefit from seeing the recruitment process on the part of the candidate.

Now I dare guess that you think "this will take too long". Do not fear. With today's technology, the entire process can be automated.



Think of the search process as a sales process


For a recruiter, the process does not start seriously until the application deadline has passed and you are left with a candidate pile. At this point, the process is almost complete from the candidate's side. They have already considered the current position, familiarized themselves with the business, weighed it up against the current situation, and perhaps even other job listings, and decided to invest further time in designing an application text, updating their CV, and submitting the application.


As a recruiter, you buy the candidate's time in exchange for an entrance ticket for the recruitment process. It's not that different from trying to sell a TV or a mobile subscription. Time is money, after all.


With this mindset in mind, it is no wonder that candidates who already have jobs are not tempted by generic job listings. The general opinion of the recruiter is that if a qualified person does not apply for the position, they are either not motivated to the position or they do not fit into the business. In marketing, however, a qualified customer who does not conduct the sale means that we have not managed to sell the message or product.



Good marketing is like a marathon


To get the best candidates for your business, you are therefore dependent on knowing the type of people who see your job listings, how many times they see it, whether they check the business website, how many people apply and how many people are turning door. The very few will leave an application the first time they are exposed to a position. Just think about it, you don't buy the first TV you spot in the store. No, you collect information about different models and make an informed decision.


This knows marketers and therefore they try to influence your choice through multiple channels. After watching a TV in their online store, they may send you a good email offer. The TV can also appear in your Facebook feed. If they are good they will expose you to articles about the product and consumer tests so that together you can find the right model. If the consumer falls off at this time, it might be just as well, because that means the product didn't fit their needs and they probably wouldn't be a satisfied customer. Within marketing, we call this "lead nurturing" and the process is carried out automatically using a CRM system.


The same thing you can do with potential candidates BEFORE they apply. This will ensure that people are well-informed and qualified, even before you begin the selection process.


The best recruiters use attractive content and best practices derived from digital marketing to identify attractive candidates as early as possible.


Here are perhaps 1000 possible candidates for the role of the project manager in your business. The more you manage to influence the top of the funnel, the more qualified candidates you will get into the recruitment process.