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Human resources departments are changing exponentially. Traditional recruitment methods are giving way to new recruitment strategies, including Inbound Recruiting stands out above all.


The purpose of Inbound Recruiting is to involve qualified candidates and make them job seekers of a company. The Inbound Recruiting generates a new and attractive experience to the candidates through the company's brand content together with the marketing strategies that facilitate the optimal connection with the best talents.



Main Inbound Recruiting techniques


Inbound Recruiting offers a new analysis and work scenario where the following techniques stand out:


Attractive and captivating content. Content creation is the core of any Inbound Recruiting strategy. This information is what should attract potential candidates to your company.


Smart SEO and SEM strategies. Search engine optimization makes it easier to find content.


Storytelling the company brand extends beyond its job descriptions and successes. Attracting talent happens to be attractive and suggestive towards it.


In short, Inbound Recruiting tries to attract candidates who are actively committed to your brand. These potential candidates may be in different situations: in active search for jobs or open to new opportunities, even those talents who are not determined to apply.


To optimally include the benefits of this new recruitment trend, it is necessary to create an Inbound Recruiting strategy. Let's look at some basic concepts to develop a successful Inbound Recruiting strategy.



Inbound Recruiting Strategy


A good Inbound Recruiting strategy is based on a series of distinct phases:




This first phase of the Inbound Recruiting strategy aims to attract traffic to your website, portal or employment area. But it is not worth any type of traffic, you need one that is composed of ideal candidates or talents that respond specifically to your needs.


Content is the essential resource, capable of attracting attention and attracting these candidates. For this, it is possible to list a series of tasks that enhance the attention of the candidates:


  • Employer Branding: A company can differentiate itself from the rest and publicize its brand and philosophy towards a defined group of potential candidates interested in being part of it. To develop your Employer Branding you must define your company culture and feed it, discover what talent wants, develop your value proposition and disseminate it to attract the right candidates.


  • Social network:. The use of social networks is essential to be offered interactively and visibly. The ideal scenario to share and connect directly with the candidates.


  • Employment Section: The employment section should be a place to sell attractive to the company and define the ideal candidate. The content must be very careful and studied, optimized to attract and attract the attention of visitors.


  • Multichannel broadcasting: Publicize your offers in specific employment channels, which go beyond conventional portals. Job seekers, portals and universities help you get your job offers to many more candidates than those who arrive from traditional portals and other more conventional media. Take advantage of them to viralize your offers, and you can reach a greater range of candidates, which will give you more chances of finding better candidates.




From attraction to conversion. Once visitors are attracted, they must become candidates. Therefore, the procedure for the user to apply for job offers must be facilitated.


Some resources to get the conversion:


  • Simple Forms Currently, users claim and demand immediacy. This is so real that when faced with a complex or tedious form, visitors may feel rejection. Eliminate unnecessary steps to keep the candidates engaged.


  • Attractive job offers. Job offers are the basis for staff recruitment. These must be very attractive and convincing to motivate a Call-to-action towards the conversion of the visit.




You have attracted the necessary talent and are already potential candidates to form your company. Now the next step is to close the hiring of them. It is usually very common to carry out personalized selection processes, keeping candidates informed at all times. Recruitment is a good time to strengthen the company philosophy and know the opinion and loyalty of the new candidate towards the brand.


Fall in love


This phase is characterized by the idea of offering an excellent experience where candidates and excluded take the best thinking of the company. In this way, they are faithful promoters of the company towards third parties and future candidates.


Finally, it is worth highlighting the need for continuous analysis to measure which parts of the selection process are working and which ones can be improved. In this way, the Inbound Recruiting strategy will be refined more and more until reaching its maximum effectiveness.


To make a good inbound recruiting strategy that helps you achieve the most optimal results, it is advisable to follow all the guidelines that we have been explaining throughout this article. It is a new world that is revolutionizing the selection processes, and that will continue to improve the results for both companies and candidates. If you are interested in learning more about this new process, do not hesitate to contact us.