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As we know,  Generation Z are those born between 1995 and 2010. If you calculate, you will see that they are young enough to be landing in the labor market.


As in each new generation, their expectations regarding the labor market and the business world change concerning their predecessors. What does this new generation expect?



How to attract the talent of post-millennials?


Team spirit and the more human side are at the center of their concerns. They need to know who they are going to work with. Thus, the work environment and that there is a good work environment are crucial aspects for them. The recruitment model based on the personality of the candidates (soft skills) gains weight compared to the traditional selection system based on the CV and technical capabilities.


Loyalty to the company and commitment are not the strengths of the Z generation. Newcomers to the labor market are not interested in a particular profession or company, they are interested in having a mission.


Human Resources departments will have to strive not only to attract the best talent but to retain them in their company and get them to commit to their cause. Building a good employer branding, based on an attractive corporate culture with a mission and values shared with the Z generation, will be key to attracting new talent.


The professional projection is going to be another of the key points if you want to recruit the Z generation. They are looking for companies where they can develop and where the training plans are constant. They contribute their talent and their skills; They are looking for a company where they can access new technical capabilities in this changing market.


The Z generation seeks socially responsible companies. Collaborative projects launched thanks to the involvement of all. If you want to attract Z talent, don't lose sight of the social media.


The members of Generation Z are permanently connected. Your Smartphone is essential in your lives, both personally and professionally. If you want to attract them, your selection processes have to be up-to-date about technology. Beyond publishing an offer on an employment portal, you must use other types of digital tools.