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Looking for Startup Post? 5 Tips For Enhancing Your Interview

The startup continues to attract young graduates. In question, a great autonomy, many responsibilities, and a young and innovative environment. Recruitment is very strategic because it allows the structure to go through different stages of growth (product suitability to the market, growth, expansion, etc.). Here are 5 tips to prepare for a job interview in a startup.



1. Forget about formal care formalities


In the same way that the suit is of rigor in the banking sector, the outfit may be less formal for a job interview in a startup than in a conventional company. The interview can also be held in a café or an unconventional place. Finally, do not be surprised if the person you are talking to is familiar with you.


The codes are very different between a startup and a company and the sooner you adopt them, the more you will increase your chances of being chosen.



2. Stay professional


However, there is no question of lack of professionalism. Even if their look is sometimes more relaxed, entrepreneurs remain potential employers. As for a regular interview, be on time, wait until we get back to you, come with your resume up to date, prepare the interview and your "pitch", that is to say a summary of your career focused on your hobbies, your knowledge, your being-know-how and your interest in the company and its activity.


Feel free to ask the right questions: where do the founders want to go? What is their business model? What are their growth ambitions?



3. Be as concrete as possible


In a start-up, all experiences are valued: professional experiences, but also internships, associative work, personal projects, volunteering, etc. In fact, the founders are above all looking for people who are versatile, curious and resourceful, with many cross-functional skills to adapt them to the company's projects. Therefore, be as concrete as possible when describing your journey: the missions occupied, the type of structure in which you have evolved, etc.



4. Show yourself very motivated!


Entrepreneurs attach great importance to well-being, especially to motivation. Thus, they are looking for people who can surpass themselves, not to count their time, to be an integral part of a project as if it were theirs. To succeed, you will need to be very motivated and ready to fully invest in the adventure.



5. Claim your versatility


In startups, the tasks to be performed are often numerous and quickly exceed the content of the job description. You will have the chance to become a real "hit" and evolve quickly if you highlight your versatility, adaptability, and ability to deal with unforeseen situations.


Finally, show your interest in innovations, challenges and the desire to conquer new markets. The founders of startups are above all entrepreneurs passionate and convinced by the project they carry.