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  • It is no longer enough to have a vacancy to attract good candidates. At the time of the employer brand and social media, recruiters must realize that the candidate becomes a real customer of the company. And who says customer, says experience! So, how to ensure the best possible experience? This article gives you 7 basic rules to make your recruitment process a truly remarkable experience, after which the candidate will only have one desire: to say yes!

  • Addressing your wage request is one of the most difficult stages of finding a job. Former outplacement consultant, who works in the recruitment industry, shares her best tips for wage negotiations. Hundreds of job seekers have been consulted with the same guidelines, and if followed well, the wage request has come to an amazing level.

  • One of the biggest undertakings in HR is recruitment. 

    When we think of recruitment and the process it involves we instantly think about the process such as specifications of a particular job, the action of attracting candidates to apply for that job, screening and selection of candidates, hiring the right candidate and the onboarding of those candidates.

  • You must have been involved - either as a job seeker or as an employer in recruitment that lasts and lasts. Once upon a time, this may have been commonplace and acceptable, but now the agility of recruiting is expected.


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